Sillybagoody and Kissyface

Here's my Pinterest Challenge inspired artwork for Cashew's nursery!

The theme for artwork in Cashew's room is to keep things free. I made a deal with Chris that because the chair we got ended up costly just a little more than we expected that I would make all the art that would go up on her walls with things on hand. So I trolled Pinterest for some ideas. I think I typed in something like nursery art or something similar and scrolled, scrolled, scrolled. I was looking for something framed and quick, and these looked perfect

I really liked the idea of a simple, one color drawing over a patterned background. But you know I've been loving the word art lately so I thought I'd paint a word in my frames instead of an image.

First, I gathered my materials. I have a bunch of frames laying around the house from other projects or from when I intended to put something in them so I grabbed one and spray painted it white

For my patterned background I did something totally simple and quick: I took the backer from the frame...

Went through my scrap fabric...

And picked a pattern I liked. I also added batting to it to make it a little more dimensional. Then I cut out a rectangle and stapled it in place

Depending on how many layers of batting you have, you might need to trim a little bit off of the backer so that the backer with batting and fabric stapled to it fit in the frame. If you don't add any batting and it's just fabric, you don't need to trim the backer at all

With my framed piece of fabric all done it was time to think of what to paint on. Immediately I thought of the perfect word: sillybagoody. My mom called me that when I was little and to this day it's still my myyahoo home page ID name. I just think it's the perfect, silly, word. I went through my acrylic paint (craft paint would probably work too, but acrylic paint is thicker so I wouldn't have to worry about it bleeding through the fabric and spreading or smearing weird)

I really liked the bright green. So I brought out a skinny paintbrush and painted the words on. In about 30 minutes, it was done

I LOVE it! In fact, I loved it so much, I decided I wanted to make another one. Cashew will have a little piece of artwork in her room of something I was called when I was little, so I thought it would only be fitting to have a piece of artwork sharing a name that Chris was called when he was little too. I asked Chris and he couldn't remember anything so I emailed his mom to ask her. She wrote me back that his baby sitter used to call him kissyface. And if you know Chris, that is just about the most hilarious thing in the world because he is the much quieter one to my spastastic personality. That word fit perfect.

So I grabbed another frame and stapled some fabric to it

But it didn't look too hot

The fabric was a really loose weave so the herringbone pattern wasn't lining up straight. No worries, on to fabric number two (that I just stapled right over the first one)

I went with silver this time and painted the word "kissyface" on it and voila, 20 minutes later I was done!

2 very personal, fun, cheap (as in FREE) pieces of artwork for little Cashew's room

Now I just have to get to actually putting the art on the walls and put the furniture in it's proper place...

Hey, we've still got 3 months till her arrival, right? Plenty of time :)

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And also some linky love for inspiration in actually getting this project completed goes to Young House Love, Megan, Michelle and Katie. Thanks ladies!


The Remodeled Life said...

I love your precious artwork! Its so nice to have personal touches in your kids room. Thanks so much for linking up!! I loved checking out your blog - your bathroom project is impressive! Sending a vote your way!

Stacey @ Likes to Smile said...

So sentimental! I love it!

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much to both of you! :) It's nice when a simple project goes according to plan :)

And thank you so much for the vote as well!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Super cute!


meryl rose said...

Thanks Jenny!