Tiling that Little Cubby took Longer than Expected

We got the tile trim finished around the cubby this past weekend. While I'm excited it's done, I'm also surprised at how long it took us. Sigh. All those little details always take forever.

The cubby was looking like this before we got started

We had gotten the top and bottom done while we were tiling some of the other walls, but we were still left with the sides. We also had this little fuck up to attend to as well

When we were tiling the part of the wall just below the window we stupidly sliced off the entire top of the tile that goes in the corner. While the right portion needed to be cut down to accommodate the sill, the left portion (right up in the corner) needed to be left alone to match up with the tile on the opposite wall. And for some reason we just totally brain farted and cut the whole thing off (which made that corner all wonky). Chris chipped out the tile a week or so ago and Saturday I went out and cut down the tile properly and Chris got to filing in that little sliver of wall

While he was working on that I started figuring out the cuts for the cubby. The portion of the sides of the cubby that we needed to tile were 51" tall, and each of the quarter rounds were 6". If I used 8 6" pieces and used the 1/8" tile spacers we'd be left with a ninth quarter round piece that would be about 2" big. That would just look silly. So I did the math and figured out that we'd have 10 pieces at about 5", add in the 1/8" tile spacers and that would add up to a little over 51". I figured that if we tiled from the top and bottom 4 pieces each at 5" we would be left with two pieces in the middle that would need to be cut down just shy of 5" and everything would look uniform. Chris thought it was a good plan so I took 8 pieces outside for the first side and cut them down to 5" (we only wanted to prep one side and get it tiled before we cut down the ones for the other side to make sure my math worked). Once Chris was done with the little sliver wall...

...he came over and started tiling the sides of the cubby

As he tiled along he put tape on each quarter round to help secure them in place

After he went 4 tiles up from the bottom, he started going 4 tiles down from the top

I had taken the top piece and bottom piece outside and cut them on the best curve I could to tuck into the full tile piece already in on the top and bottom

We had initially planned on cutting the corners at 45 degrees, but because of the shape of the quarter round, it didn't line up properly, so we thought this was the next best thing. My curve cuts aren't perfect, but I think they look pretty good.

Once Chris had gone up 4 tiles from the bottom and down 4 tiles from the top we were left with the gap in the middle

And the math turned out pretty good because after factoring in the tile spacers those two middle pieces got cut down to 4 7/8", so at only 1/8" of difference between the other tiles it's basically not noticeable

Once we knew the math worked out, I repeated the same process on the other side: cut the top and bottom pieces on a curve and cut 8 pieces down to 5". Then, Chris repeated his same process: 4 tiles up from the bottom and 4 tiles down from the top

When we got to the middle two pieces they were even closer than the other side: after accommodating the tile spacers those two would be cut down to 4 15/16". Score! And after we let everything sit for a day the tape and spacers came off and it's looking marvelous

Pretty awesome, no? A far cry from this

We still need to finish it off with a little caulking and paint touch ups (not to mention allllll the grouting that will happen in the near future). But after completing that task, all we're left with is the curb! And we might have gotten to that this weekend if I had ordered the correct amount of quarter round (doh!). We started working on it when we were done with the cubby

But as I was laying things out getting everything prepped I quickly realized we were about 4 pieces short. Damnit! Whatever happened to that 10% for waste I apparently forgot to add on? Oh well. Back to Dal-Tile I go.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I say let's tile-finishing race! Except y'all are doing yourselves and I took the lazy way out and hired!

meryl rose said...

I am guessing you'll win :) We're still going on the curb. But it's slloooowwww going.

Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

I am too lazy/cheap to follow that 10% over rule because i hate returning stuff. I once was told by someone at the store to account for 20% and i lit-tra-ly laughed out loud, then noticed it was rude that i did so, made a strange face, and then said umm, no i think i will just take as much as I know i will need. I think he tip toed away backwards slowly after that. Anyway, this is glorious! It is those little details that really make all the difference.

meryl rose said...

I literally laughed out loud reading your comment Sarah, ha! 20%? Seriously? That person must have been smoking something. Even Chris doesn't have us do that and he's the most careful person ever (who clearly should have ordered the quarter round for us in the first place...)