We are Grouted. Well, Except the Curb of Course

Grouting isn't a lot of fun, but it certainly makes things look beautiful and finished. And while I wasn't looking forward to grouting (just like I wasn't looking forward to tiling) I knew it was the last big hurdle to getting this bathroom done (small tasks from here on out!)

So Tuesday after both Chris and I got home from work we decided to get started. We knew it would take a while because of the beveled tile so we thought breaking it up into a couple smaller grouting sessions would be a lot more tolerable. Fantastic idea by Chris because doing it in 3 90 minute sessions made me feel much less like I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

We mixed up the grout (white of course, I LOVE white grout with white tile) and started spreading it out

Grouting beveled subway tile is incredibly wasteful. Because of the angles on the edges it's difficult to just shove grout into the line, so you sorta get it everywhere. It was very slow going at first

Mostly I was hanging around keeping things from getting crazy messy (grout was dropping everywhere) and keeping all the sponges clean (we were using 3 because they got so dirty so quick from all the extra grout all over the tiles). But then we made a little discovery: if you used your fingers to shove the grout in the grout lines, it went a lot faster. So that's just what we did: I took a clump of grout in my hand, spread it out into all the cracks (which was also a lot less wasteful), Chris came back around with the grout float and really pressed it into all the lines, and then we went back around and cleaned. It was faster, less messy and did a better job

I was pretty quick spreading out all the grout with my hands which was great because once Chris started using the float to press it all in I was able to stay ahead of him spreading out grout in more areas and also keep the sponges clean for him when it was time to clean it all off. It was actually a really fluid system and ended up working out well, which was great because it was really frustrating at first. By the end of the night we got the window wall done and about half of the sink wall as well

When we were finishing cleaning up Tuesday night I was excited about the fact that soon we could install the toilet. Then Chris said, "Or we could do it right now." This is my completely unflattering reaction

Oh, hahahahahhahaha Chris you're SO funny. The pregnant lady needs to eat :) And then marvel at the beautiful wall

Nice :)

Yesterday we were back at it. We worked in two 90 minute or so shifts again and used the same method of me spreading it out with my hands first, Chris shoving it in with the float, and then cleaning it all up

Towards the end Chris even got into the hand spreading action

And by yesterday evening all the walls were complete

Doesn't that look so much prettier than this?

Yes, yes it does :)

There is one casualty though: the middle finger on my left hand is a little cut up. I guess shoving sanded grout into grout lines for 3 hours will do that to a finger. But hey, the grout is 90% done, so I'll take a cut up finger any day.


Deb said...

It looks GORGEOUS!!!

Heather said...

The whole time I was reading this I was thinking about your poor cut up hands when you grouted the bird bath. I'm glad you weren't cut up as badly this time. It looks GORGEOUS.

meryl rose said...

Thanks! And Heather, I'm an idiot because I totally forgot about that happening when I grouted the bird bath when I first started using my hands, but luckily my finger didn't start getting cut up till the very end this time, so the damage is very minimal :)

Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

Ooooo. Love it!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sarah! :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Looks amazing!

meryl rose said...

yay! :)