We Kicked the Tile's Ass This Weekend

I was going to break up this tiling post into 2 posts because we spent 2 days doing it (well, 2 1/2), but it just looks too fucking awesome, so I wanted to put it all together. Now, don't get your hopes up and think we finished tiling, because that's just plain crazy talk, but we did make some seriously awesome progress. And my pregnant knees and back are feeling the burn to prove it.

Now, when we last left off we were here

We had gotten all the way up to the ceiling on the first shower wall, and about 1/4 of the 2nd shower wall was in progress. In the last 5 days we've done a lot.

First up was last Wednesday afternoon after work we set out to make some progress on that second shower wall

And just like we did with the other wall Chris drew out a level line so we could make sure we were continuing the new tiles on the same level plane as the old tiles

I had high hopes that we would fly on this wall, but I don't really know what I was smoking because there were A LOT of cuts involved. We had the cubby to get around, the heater vent to navigate and a wall we bumped into

But little by little we made progress. I left momentarily in the middle to head to HD to get some poplar for us to (maybe sometime in the near future) build our picture frames for the TV room (one of only 2 tasks to complete for that room to be called DONE), but I mostly stayed right with Chris for those 3.5 hours of tiling - helping cut, lay things out and prep the tile

And then, at the end of 3.5 hours this is what we had to show for ourselves

It's not a lot, and it's not super impressive, but those cuts took a long time

So on Saturday morning when we were having breakfast in bed we decided we were going to tile some shit this weekend

I helped again with the cuts when we were getting around the cubby, knocking into the wall, and going around the shower plumbing

Chris motored up the wall

And when I didn't need to help Chris cut tile I tiled up the little baby wall next to the window

And Chris took a picture of my pregnant ass. Literally

While Chris wasn't taking flattering pictures of me he continued the little slice of wall between the cubby and corner

(making another level line to make sure we were tiling along the same line and that things weren't crooked)

And at the end of Saturday we were here

Awesome, right? But the fun doesn't stop there. Sunday morning we woke up and got back at it

Another level line to make sure everything was even

Those first 2 lines of tile actually took us about an hour because we wanted to make sure that it was perfect and level. I had to slice each tile on the bottom row and I took out a bunch of tiles to make all the cuts for the tiles that would hit up against the right wall so Chris had them all ready

But once those first two rows were done, again, Chris just motored his way up (and I left to get us more thinset because we were blowing through it)

Right before lunch Chris got another little wall started with a level line again

And then after lunch I got to working on that little stub wall

And while there wasn't a huge shot of my butt this time, there was a butt crack

Beautiful. Tile tile of course.

The work on my wall was very slow going because I could only go 2 rows at a time before I had to run outside to make cuts to my tile, but it made for good timing because Chris would have cuts for me around the plumbing, the recessed cabinet, the outlet and the wall

There was one boo boo though when somehow the tiles I set on the little sliver between the window were off line, so we had to bust them out

But that didn't deter us, we kept plugging away

And by the end of the day on Sunday we had kicked some serious fucking ass

We kicked so much ass that we only had 5 spacers left

And Chris had even taken a bunch out from between the tiles of the bottom couple of rows he'd completed earlier in the morning. Yup, ass kicking.

Doesn't it look so pretty?

Now we just have the curb, finish up around the cubby and this small wall

And then of course it's grouting, putting in the tile trim, installing the glass enclosure, installing the sink, toilet and all those other fun finishing touches. But for now I will bask in our tile ass kicking glory. And my 13 hours of tiling in 2 days later pregnant body is going to go elevate her feet again. No one likes cankles.


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Heather said...

DAYUM. It looks awesome!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

awesome!! I love the subway tile!

Emily said...

Go you! Awesome job! Keep it up!

meryl rose said...

Thanks! It's definitely a nice view to peak into whenever I walk by the bedroom :)

stpaulhaus said...

This is absolutely fabulous. It is easy to keep going when it looks so good. What color grout are you using? Same as the floor?

meryl rose said...

Yup! Well, not quite because it's a different brand (not as expensive as the grout on the floor), but I LOVE white grout with white tile :)

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