32 Weeks

Welp, we've got a little less than 8 weeks till Cashew is set to make her arrival (I hit 32 weeks on Wednesday). And it's about time for a reality check: we have A LOT we want to get done in the less than 2 months till she (might) get here. Lord, please don't have her come too early.

The good news is that we've checked off two major items off our to do list: finally finishing our TV room

And finally finishing the back bathroom

Having those tasks checked off our to do list definitely feels good, but we're still pretty far off from completing all the things we want to before our little girl arrives on our doorstep.

Originally I wanted to get my art room done. To get this room done all we have to do is put legs on my work table and trim off the top of my shelving unit, but we've decided to put it off. We've determined that those two tasks will not be terribly, horribly difficult with a little baby around (we hope), so we're holding off on finishing my art room till post baby. For the time being it'll have to stay looking like this disaster

Eh, not that big of a deal. My rolly polly pregnant self can still work in here with no problems (though it would be nice for me to actually move that box of documents up to the attic...) so I'm not too broken up about it.

Cashew's room is now not nearly as disheveled as it has been in the past, though we have started to accumulate more baby items thanks to a very wonderful shower my old office job threw us

But clearly everything still needs to be put away in its proper spot and things need to be put up on the walls. And I need to finish her mobile so that we can hang it up. I've been seriously lagging on that one.

One project we're really not excited for? The laundry room

Neither of us are really at all motivated to work in here. Me mostly because I'm not looking forward to all the bending down laying a new floor will require. Squatting 35 pounds hanging off my belly over and over and over again sounds like a workout I don't really want to do. At some point we really need to get to this one though because no one wants a non-working washing machine with a new baby pooping and barfing all over everything.

While we're procrastinating we have made ourselves useful though. It may not look like it, but we decided to do a little work in our bedroom. This is what it looked like several days ago


The most laborious undertaking though will happen over the next several weeks: tackling the drainage issues under the house and in our backyard

We somehow got lucky and convinced enough of our friends and family to help us out over the course of two days to come over and help dig a giant hole under the house in the crawl space for a sump pump and a big trench in the backyard for a french drain. It will be a lot of hard work and we are so thankful for everyone who is donating their time, backs and energy to help us. We really are very lucky :)

And how's my belly looking? Well, I know that's why all of you are reading this post :) Here I was at 27 weeks

And here I am at 32

Yup, I'm getting BIG, and apparently I'll be getting even bigger :) Don't get all excited and think I figured out how the remote on the camera works, Chris took this picture :) And naturally, I posed like a sexy model

Sexy, right? ;)

I would like to give a shout out to the awesome Miss Nikki of 86'N It who donated many maternity clothes to me and these are just about the best maternity pants ever. The waistband is super comfy and there are even front pockets which apparently no other maternity pants have. Just because I'm fatter does not mean I have lost the use of front pockets you evil maternity jean manufacturers. I'm disappointed however that soon I will not be able to wear these every day like I would like because we're not allowed to wear jeans at work at the A's, damnit. However I am excited that baseball season officially starts Monday, yay!!!

How is my pregnant self feeling? Still really good, hooray! I'm still working out, though now I average about 3 times a week (just slightly less than a month or two ago). I'm on the bike, the elliptical, the treadmill and in the pool. I LOVE the pool. I'm still helping out on house projects, though now I'm only good for about 6 or 7 hours. I start to get pretty tired so I make sure to take breaks and not push it too hard. But it feels really good still being able to help out. And it's really important to me to stay as active as possible.

Cashew herself has gotten very active. She used to only move just a little, and it was mostly at night and after I ate breakfast. Now she's a mover and a shaker all day long and I've started being able to see my belly move around which is completely silly and totally weird (I try not to think too much about the fact that there is a human being moving around in my stomach that is making my belly jump all over the place because then I get all weirded out). It's crazy to think that she'll be here so soon. But the longer she holds off the more likely we are to get all of our projects done, so keep on cookin' in there! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on al the work you've got done!!! You look fabulous!!! I gained 68 lbs with each child! Think about how the girls and I can help on digging day. They're REALLY helpful! I'll be in the wheel chair so limited to sitting projects thankfully Stephen is a digging fiend! Can't wait to see you!!!!! Love A Matt

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I love how every other pregnant woman in the world prays for her baby to be early but not DIY'ers!

Franca has named the baby "Owl" by the way.

Everything is looking great! I hear you about not wanting to work on the laundry room!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful! Late in my pregnancy, I used to lay back in the tub and my husband and I would sit and watch my stomach. It was so weird, you could see my whole stomach just move from one side to the other. The boys were doing flip flops or something, we'd even swear we could see an elbow going across. Life is such a freakin' miracle! Good luck with the digging, I wish I lived closer and could help!

meryl rose said...

Yay, thanks Mat! I'm so excited for all the help we're going to be getting, we're so lucky :)

Omg, Nikki, I PRAY she doesn't come early. Doesn't little Owl know we need a proper floor in the laundry room? :)

The belly moving is just about the weirdest/coolest thing. It's so fascinating, that little Cashew in there rolling around in there so much :) I wish you lived closer too so you could help us dig, ha! :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

You are so funny, love the sexy poses. Because I buy too many clothes already, and I needed business stuff for work, I spent over 1k on maternity clothes....so does that make you feel better about your bathroom total? HA!!!

meryl rose said...

LOL! Thanks to the wonderful Nikki I scored on a ton of maternity clothes, so I haven't spent too much :)