5 Foot Piece of Baseboard? Done.

With the picture frames in full swing, Chris and I figured we might as well get to installing that 5 ft. of baseboard in the TV room to get this room closer to being done. Remember that little sliver of baseboard that wasn't installed?

Well, the couch and ottoman got pulled out and we got to work

It really could have been done so much sooner because we already had it mostly cut down and stained which I had forgotten about because we apparently did those 2 things so long ago. That's what you get for procrastinating. We found out however that the little corner piece we had already cut was slightly incorrect, so Chris measured for the correct angle

Once we got the angle around the curve correct it went pretty quickly. The angled piece went in as well as a smaller piece that attached to it

Chris used a scarf joint to attach a longer piece 

And seriously in about an hour it was installed. It wasn't done however. The baseboards had already gotten stained, but I hadn't poly'd them yet. Also, the existing baseboard had a gouge in it where it met the new one

(don't even get me started on what IDIOT painted the tops of all of the existing baseboards in the house)

The gouge was no big deal though, I just brought in some wood filler to patch the hole and the joint between new/existing baseboards

It looks messy and terrible, but it's easy to sand down and make smooth. Once I sanded it I brought in the custom stain I mixed to match the existing baseboards throughout the house

After the stain was dry I taped off the floor and gave the baseboards 2 coats of wipe on satin poly. And just as I was about to slide the furniture back in place I was going to cover this faceplate-less outlet with the ottoman

I sighed and got off my lazy ass and went to the garage to get an outlet cover to put on it. These are seriously the things I NEVER do, but we're trying to actually finish this room so I tried to not be completely worthless

(we like to keep the cord plugged in for our computer or phone chargers. It stays hidden behind the ottoman, but it's really convenient).

After that, the ottoman slid into place and we were done

You can't really actually tell much of a difference...

But it's nice to know that it's done. 

All we've got left is finishing and hanging the picture frames!


paint it yellow said...

What is up with these old Oakland houses and lack of baseboard? I have the same thing happening in our dining room, just five feet or so on one wall. Been on my to-do list for 3 years now. Annoying.

mary said...

It was the same idiot who painted the tops of all the baseboards in MY house!
He's striking everywhere! Hide your wood, people!

meryl rose said...

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Looks like you guys had a Boozie Susie, too! ha

I love that room, the rug and furnishings are so cozy. I also love stained baseboards, even though I love white just as well...yeah, I go both ways. (Dork)

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara! I totally agree of the mind jumble regarding stain and painted white baseboards :)

And yes, we totally did have a Boozie Susie: we've found stuff hidden under cabinets, in the attic, under closets. Completely weird.