Before & After: The TV Room

It took us over a year, but finally, FINALLY we're done with the TV Room, yay!!! Of course, first we had to hang our frames

I will be honest, this task completely sucked. Because we like to make everything more complicated for ourselves we wanted the frames to go up in a grid, equal distance from each other which made for a measuring nightmare

(Michael has no confidence in us. Seriously, is that not the best accidentally timed photo?)

Little by little we got those fuckers on the wall though

I am not ashamed to say that getting those first 6 on the wall took us an hour, yes, an hour. We measured 4 times and there may be 3 extra holes in the wall that have no screws or frames drilled in them. But you can't see them! :)

The other 4 went much better after we had found out all the possible ways you can mess up measuring

And then, we called this room finished! Of course, we have the true before to compare this room to...

The first task we actually completed in this room (before we had this here blog) was opening up the room from the kitchen

You can see from the framing that there used to be a door here, but we opened things up to create a pass through into the kitchen (we created a template to match the original arches throughout the house)

But now let's get into the real fun of the Before & After: comparison angles :) And because I really only have that 1 pic from when we first moved in as the true "Before," I'll use the pics I took right before we started working on this project back in March of last year. We had 2 couches (one that desperately needed to be recovered), lots of second hand furniture pieces serving as our A/V control center, 10 paint samples on the walls and a nasty popcorn ceiling

And now?

Well, it looks fucking awesome (if I do say so myself). Of course, there is crap on our coffee table, but frankly, there is always crap on our coffee table. My idea of "staging" is arranging the crap in a more organized way. But hey, I'm frequently working on some art project in here at night while we watch movies (currently putting together Cashew's mobile) and Chris is always working on planning out next house projects, so I like to leave things and "stage" how we actually live.

Want to see some more pretty angles?

Oh man, that curtain we used to have, so appealing, right? That roman shade may have taken me forever, but it looks really nice now that it's done.

Selling our second couch did A LOT to clear the room of clutter. I used to lay on the old couch, so I was afraid I would miss it a lot, but thanks to the storage ottoman we got and the fact that the couch we kept is about 8 feet long, I've got no problems staying comfortable. It's even fun to play footsie with Chris :) Getting the couch recovered was a big decision (because counting fabric we spent $1000), but it's an heirloom piece of furniture, so comfortable and built so well, that it was actually a no brainer. We love the couch and it loves us.

Another task that made a big difference? Removing the popcorn ceiling. Why did it make such a big difference? Well, some asshole decided to cover up the awesome original plaster detail with a horrendously ugly popcorn ceiling

After the popcorn came down, we repaired, skim coated, added recessed lights, got a ceiling medallion and refinished our center light, and the ceiling went from this

To this gloriousness

Before: embarrassing ceiling. After: wonderous ceiling.

Refinishing the floors was another big undertaking that took a decent amount of time. It's a frustrating and time consuming job when you have to do it piece by piece, but after patching a few spots we gave it a go round and they looked pretty damn good

But I think the thing I'm most proud of in this room is the entertainment unit we designed and built ourselves

It's quite amazing to look back at when it was only looking like this

Every evening when we're hanging out in here I get to stare at our handiwork, and it makes me really happy. It was the first piece of stain grade furniture we built and certainly the most detailed piece of furniture as well. It was a long learning process, but I'm really happy with how it looks in the end. It's pretty nice to look at :) Several people who have come to the house have been surprised that it's not original to the home, and I think that's the most flattering compliment of all.

Let's take a look at some more pretty Before and & After angles :)

Another one?

I love all of the movie posters. It's wonderful that all 10 have special meaning to us: they're our favorites, family favorites, ones that mean something to us as a couple...they're all beautiful and meaningful artwork - the best kind.

It's great having a pretty room to walk into when we come through the front door. But the best thing, getting to call this room officially done

"Done" is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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Bunny @ 86n It said...

Goddamn that looks great!
The ceiling (who would cover that up with POPCORN???), the shade, the couch, everything!

Loved the hilarious photo timing too!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Nikki! That photo is pretty awesome :)

Anonymous said...

And what a great looking TV. And the cable that used to sneak around the corner is gone.

meryl rose said...

Some crazy person gave it to us ;)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

There's nothing more satisfying than finishing up a room. Don't you love how you forget it is finished for half a second, then you walk into the room and are completely blown away by how awesome it looks? I wish that feeling never wore off :)

Well done, friends. It looks fantastic.

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much Carrie! It is true, walking in there and realizing that we have NOTHING to do to finish it up when that has certainly not been the case for so long is a wonderful, wonderful feeling "_

Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

Ummm when can I come over and watch a movie?? SOo pretty! I love the mix of comfortable and glam in here. I really really like the hardware on that tv built-in.

This is just in time to make me want to finish up my dining room...I keep putting it off. I need to finish it, like now, before it gets too warm and I will want to spend on my time in the yard.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sarah! We still have 3 rooms that are basically done except for about 3 tasks, so I feel you on needing to get in gear to get them DONE :)

Circling the Rabbit Hole said...

So glad I found your blog while searching for gray wall paint. I love your taste and everything I've seen is really inspiring. I was just wondering if you'd mind sharing what color you used on the walls?


meryl rose said...

Thanks so much! And absolutely: the color is Behr's Rhino, but we had it color matched in Glidden as an eggshell finish.