Day 2 = Much More Successful

Day 1 did not quite go according to plan with the picture frame building, so we weren't too excited for Day 2. I also felt like maybe we'd gotten out all of our bad mojo and so Day 2 couldn't be nearly as frustrating.

We left off with the sides cut 1" too short

The good thing is that we only cut one piece and the top and bottom are skinnier, so we could still salvage our cut-too-small-for-the-sides piece. We cut it down and it fit pretty perfectly

And then we cut down another piece for the top

We measured several times and triple checked as we were cutting for the side pieces, and once one fit, Chris used it as a guide to cut the second side

And then we laid it out with our fingers crossed to make sure it all fit properly

And when it did, I was SO HAPPY. We decided to fully construct it before we moved on to building all the others just to make sure it really did get put together correctly


Once we knew one worked, it was time to become a little sweatshop and build 9 others. Since all the wood was already passed through the router and table saw, all that was required was cutting the pieces down to the proper size. We only have one miter saw, so Chris hopped to it and I went into the backyard and did a lot of necessary weeding and maintenance (we'd been neglecting our yard BIG TIME and I actually had to use the weed whacker instead of the lawn mower because things were so out of control).

Chris worked like a machine and went through all the wood we had

Then he started assembling

Chris built 6 and had the side pieces for the remaining 4, but we headed back to HD to get some more poplar for the remaining 4 top/bottom pieces. When we got home we used the same method of Chris feeding it through the router and me adding pressure to it as it came out the finished end. Once we had them passed through the router, we fed them through the table saw and then Chris returned to cutting them down and assembling and I returned to backyard maintenance.

When we had gone to HD for the last bit of poplar we also picked up cardboard for the backing and placed an order for glass and picked it up on the way home (we get the glass cut to the exact size we need at a local glass place instead of buying sheets and then cutting them down ourselves). Once Chris had all 10 built, it was time to cut down the cardboard

If we were building smaller picture frames we wouldn't bother buying any cardboard because we could just use empty boxes after we'd purchased something, but with 11x17 dimensions, that requires some larger boxes so we opted to just purchase them. And at just $1.12 each (and we could get 4 sheets out of each box) we only had to spend just under $4, so it wasn't a huge deal.

Chris used a piece of glass cut to our exact measurements as a guide to cut the cardboard

After he had one cut out we tested to make sure it fit. Glass in

Cardboard in


Then Chris cut down the other 9 pieces and we were set. 10 frames, 10 sheets of glass and 10 pieces of cardboard

Next up: lots of painting. But then we can put them all together and hang them! :)



You guys are amazing! Are you taking orders :)

meryl rose said...

Ha! Yes! We've built a couple display cases for a friend of ours and Chris and I FINALLY set up and LLC for handyman and design stuff. Hooray! :)