Those Last Bathroom To Do List Items

A back bathroom Before & After reveal will be popping up tomorrow (HOORAY!!!!), but for today I'll fill you in on the last little bitty things we did to officially call this room DONE and check it off our 2013 house goals list.

First up: trimming the top of our tile. We wanted a decorative way to transition between the tile and the wall and just the edge of the tile wasn't really too appealing. Originally we wanted tile trim, but holy crap it was SO EXPENSIVE, so we decided to just get wood trim and paint it ultra pure white. So little by little, Chris measured out the length of each span of wall and cut the piece down to size

We made sure that as they were installed they went up in one continuous piece so that we didn't have any joints. This wasn't too difficult of a task because the longest span of wall was only about 4 feet, everything else was much smaller

The pieces that went on the door wall and sink wall went up about 3 weeks ago. But we'd been waiting on installing the rest until after the shower enclosure was installed to make sure we had the least amount of stuff in his way. The pieces that went vertical along the tile required a little modification

Because the tile is sliced in half and is beveled it's thicker and our trim didn't cover the complete edge, so we had to attach a small piece of wood to the back of our trim to fur it out a bit to make sure we covered the edge of the cut tile

We patched the seam and sanded it down to make it nice and even

Once they were furred out and cut down to size Chris worked on installing them

What complicated things a bit more was the gap we had between our tile quarter round and the drywall around our cubby

So after Chris installed the trim on the top of the tile...

...he installed an itty bitty piece of quarter round

After he was done installing all the trim I came in to patch all the nail holes

The patches got sanded down and Chris caulked the transition between the tile and tile trim and I primed and painted the patches. I had already primed and painted the trim before it got installed because I knew it would be hard painting the trim after it was up without getting paint all over the tile. Spot priming and painting just the patches was easy and only required a little bit of sponging to clean the tile here and there.

I painted the trim pretty messy, so I had some touch ups after

But there were touch ups throughout the room, so it wasn't a big deal.

Next item on the to do list: finishing the medicine cabinet

I had already installed the glass shelves inside of the cabinet and the new hinges we purchased had finally arrived (the door is crazy heavy so we got hinges that were more heavy duty). Installing the door took about 15 minutes, and it looks so pretty :)

And the last task? Organizing

Because I'm delusional I actually find this task very fun :) It smells like a Before & After tomorrow, hooray!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

Tile trim is SO expensive right? Love your solution!

meryl rose said...

CRAZY expensive. It's pretty fucking ridiculous. The good news though: the wood is not noticeable, it serves as great tile trim :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That bathroom is looking crazy good, I love the rounded trim around the door...I must've missed that post. LOVE IT!

meryl rose said...

Isn't that rounded trim awesome!? It's original to the home so whenever we redo a room we make sure to trim out the windows and doors properly. We've only been able to find one hardware store locally that sells it (and it costs about $70 per door for all the trim, $20 alone for each of the corner pieces). It's a tough pill to swallow because of the cost, but it's definitely a must.