Building Cashew's Mobile

I've been lagging on actually making Cashew's mobile ever since I made all the cute little objects that will hang from it. After asking for advice from you guys I settled on making 2 mobiles, the first will hang over her crib and the other will hang over her changing table. Once that was decided I had to figure out what objects went where. Several of the objects are a decent amount larger than the others so I wanted to make sure the weight was balanced well. Ultimately I decided the easiest thing would be for the 4 larger objects to hang together...

...and the 6 smaller objects to hang from another

Once that was figured out I set about making something from which all the objects will hang from. We had some spare MDF that I thought would work perfect

I traced out a shape on the MDF and then cut it out with a jigsaw

I had a bit of a brain fart tracing the shape for the one that the six smaller objects will hang from

Because of all my pencil mistakes I traced the final one in Sharpie. I still messed up though

But after I finally got it together I used the jigsaw again to cut the shape out

After the two shapes were cut out I sanded all the edges 

I drilled two holes in each arm (for hanging each little object) and then I primed them

After they were primed I brought them inside to paint. I left the tops white (painted them with another 2 coats of craft paint), but the bottom of them (the side that Cashew will see) I decided to paint in a bunch of fun, bright colors

The last task was hanging the objects. I thought it would be cool to use colored embroidery thread (I already had) and braid 3 colors together 

It took a while to get all the items braided, but soon I had 10 items ready to be hung

And it was time to hang them

I simply passed the braided embroidery thread through the holes I had already drilled and tied them in a triple knot, and now I've got 2 personalized mobiles ready to hang in her room!

I love them :) And I can't wait to see her look and whack them :) And of course learn to identify the drill, hammer, saw, baseball... ;)