Dear RugsUSA.com: You Suck

If you're friends with us on Facebook you'll know that I went on a bitchy little rant Friday afternoon. You see, we still don't have a rug in our bedroom

You might remember from this post that we lost our rug due to a little mold issue. It sucked, and was not fun, but we dealt with it. We cleaned our mattress REALLY well and for the time being while we're still working on other projects and have yet to build our platform bed we bought two pieces of sheet insulation so that our warm mattress does not sit on the cold floor.

We'll need another rug for our bedroom so over Easter weekend I bought this one on RugsUSA.com

Rugs USA Homespun Randa Mustard Rug

Yes, I bought that rug on Easter weekend. As a matter of fact, according to my order history, I bought that rug at 7:19 pm on Saturday 3/30. RugsUSA says it takes 7-10 business days to process an order (which is a little ridiculous, but hey, the rug was 80% off, so I can't complain). I got an email on 4/13 that they had finally shipped it. The full 10 days, but, eh, whatever.

The following Thursday night on 4/18 Chris and I were hanging out watching some TV talking about how it was weird that the rug still wasn't here. The time felt  longer because it took so long to actually process the order, but even still, in the past once the rug had shipped we usually didn't have to wait that long. I checked online and this is what their website said

According to their website it had shipped, so I clicked the UPS tracker to see where it actually was. This is what their site said

Um, voided information? What the hell does that mean?

I called RugsUSA on Friday 4/19 in the morning. I waited on hold, gave the chick my order info and explained that their website said my order had shipped but UPS tracking has a voided label and asked what that meant. Not surprisingly the employee had no idea and gave a this brilliant answer, "It says 'voided information received' in our system [no shit sherlock, that's what I just told you], I'll have to contact our warehouse manager to see if they know where it is. You should hear back from us in 24-48 hours." I asked, "So I'll hear from you by Tuesday morning?" She confirmed that timeline and I hung up.

I wasn't surprised that I didn't get a phone call, so I called back Wednesday morning and had nearly the exact same conversation with another employee. When she said she'd ask the warehouse manager and get back to me in "24-48 hours" I said, "You see, I have a problem with that because that's what you said last time and no one got back to me. I'd really not prefer to continue to have to call your company every 2-3 days because no one calls me back and I get the same answer every time." Of course they say that they'll "get their supervisor right on it," which I'm sure is horseshit, they just say it to appease the customer. Nevertheless, I said ok and hung up.

No phone call.

So I call back Friday afternoon before work and have the same conversation for a third time. But this time, I'm a bitch. When the lady says she'll contact the warehouse manager and get back to me in "24-48 hours" I said, "No, I'm not getting off the phone until you give me an answer because this is the 3rd phone call I've had to make in 8 days because no one calls me back. Either you find out where my rug is, or I'm cancelling my order right now." I don't like being a bitch, but it's really frustrating that when you're nice and polite, companies don't seem to care. I didn't get an answer until I yelled at the poor lady on the phone (and really, it's not her fault her company is so stupid).

I got put on hold for 5 minutes and she came back and said the warehouse manager was busy and she would call me back as soon as she got a hold of him. To which I said, "No, I'm staying on the phone and I'm getting an answer now, or you can cancel my order." I got put on hold again and the warehouse manager was on the line in less than a minute. Clearly this is an example that you CAN actually give me information, so why didn't you do it at all during the previous 8 days?

Wanna know the problem? They sold me a rug they didn't actually have. Well, you're a fucking moron. I found this hilarious and actually laughed when she told me, which totally threw her off. I asked her, "So, if I didn't call 3 times in the past 8 days, would I just never have gotten a rug because no one ever contacted me that you didn't have it, but you did take my money?" I of course got no answer, but she did try to sell me the rug in a smaller size. Seriously? Your company sold me something you didn't have, made me call 3 times in 8 days because you can't actually find out what happened to it, didn't apologize for the inconvenience and then try to sell me something else?

I said, "No, I won't be buying another item from your site and you can cancel my order right now." She put a request for cancellation in and I angrily hung up on her. Then I got this hilarious email Saturday morning

Oh really? Sure, I'll review this rug. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, I don't have this rug.

Naturally (because I'm a bitch) I clicked the "click here to email us directly" button on the bottom of the email and wrote them a nasty synopsis of the headache and asked if I could get my money back instead of a request for a review of a rug I never actually got. Customer service confirmed the request for refund and told me it should post to our bank account in 3-7 days. Stupid.

So there ends my RugsUSA saga. Sorry to be a whiny bitch. But thanks to you wonderful Facebook friends I got some great suggestions of other sites to find awesome, cheap rugs at (because they are so damn expensive). And if anyone else has any sites or stores you love to buy your rugs at, let the suggestions continue!


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I have bought many rugs from Overstock.com. They've always come quickly and been just as advertised.

Brian said...

I had almost this exact same scenario happen to us! They entice you with great prices, but then either try to scam you into buying something else with your "credit" or you have to wait 3 months for your order - I think that's about what it took for our rug to make it to us. In the end their communication sucked, but the rug is really nice for the money. I still get their emails and have been tempted to order again, but now probably not.

meryl rose said...

Sharon - I totally forgot about Overstock! Thanks for the reminder, that's where I bought a couple before the last several from rugsusa.

Brian - on one hand I'm glad it happened to someone else too so I don't feel as lame, but it sucks that apparently their business model is to leave customers annoyed :(

Anonymous said...

Always use a credit card when making an online purchase. You have more consumer rights when the merchant hasn't performed. Try Cost Plus - not sure if they do online sales.

meryl rose said...

Ohhh, Cost plus, I didn't think of them either, thanks! :)

Karen said...

i am going through the same thing only they cancelled my order after 2 weeks. When i called to ask why they said it is not in stock. I looked online and it IS in stock (or so the website says again) but for 80% for than I paid. They just sold it to me for cheaper than they meant to and so are cancelling my order. I am working on fighting it still....because payment is a contract.