Happy 8 Year Anniversary

Today is our 8 year anniversary, yay! I thought I'd shake things up a bit today and instead of a regular ol' house project post I'd do 8 silly facts about our nearly decade long relationship. If that's not your bag baby, feel free to skip out on this one.

1. Chris and I are 6+ years apart

6-25-05 006.jpg

We started dating when I was 19 and he was 25. He's a lot smarter and funnier than me, but I can always make fun of him for being older. I like having that one in my back pocket :)

2. We met when Chris interviewed me for a job

Yup, I walked in for an interview at Tower Records and Chris was one of the managers there. The interview went well (I got the job) but I was equally as excited about the super hot manager as I was about getting to work at a record store. When I called my mom after my interview she asked how it went and I said, "It went well, but oh my god one of the managers is SO CUTE." Alas, Chris had a girlfriend at the time so we just became friends. I liked to pester him and be annoying and many months later after he and his girlfriend broke up and we had become good friends, well...

3. I asked him out first

Really to anyone who knows us, I'm sure that comes as no surprise. I'm pushy and loud and Chris is quiet and reserved. I had extra tickets to an A's game and I asked if he wanted to go with me. He thought we were just going as friends because he didn't know how desperately in love with him I was :) Seriously, I was. But after that game we started hanging out nearly every day after work together and soon we found ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

4. For the first 2 years of our relationship we lived apart 1/2 the time


2 months after we started dating I picked up and moved to TX. I wasn't happy with the college I was at (UC Davis) and my dad had been transferred to Austin for work when I was in high school and I decided to head out there for a change of pace. After living there for 6 months Chris quit his job, helped his grandma in LA for a bit and then came out to live with me. After several months, we were both not happy in Austin so we packed up and came back to CA. Then Chris got an internship with the National Park Service and lived in Ohio for a winter and then went to live on a glacier for a month to help his friend who was getting his PhD do some fancy experiments :) After that we finally settled down in Oakland together.

5. We once lived in a car for 3 months together

IMG_0420.jpg - Austin, about to leave

(hello completely unflattering picture of both of us...)

As true sports lovers we went on a road trip across the US (and Canada) and visited every major league baseball park and saw a game at 28 of them. We did it on our way back to CA from TX, just a really long detour :) It was seriously the trip of a lifetime and it goes down as a top 5 life experience for me. It was so amazing. Chris and I are at our best on adventures and I had so much fun exploring and sharing all of the amazing experiences with him. The trip took a while (11 weeks to be exact), so to save money we basically lived in the car the whole time, staying at a hotel only every 3 or so nights. Friends were awesome and offered up the homes of siblings, parents and family friends for us to stay with along the way. It was a great adventure and you really learn a lot when you sleep in the back of a car with someone for 49 out of 77 days of a road trip

6. We've started a small business together

It's no secret that Chris knows a lot of stuff when it comes to home repair, so last year we decided to do something about it: we started a small handyman, organizing and design business. It was very slow going at first (we profited only about $1000 last year), but with 4 other jobs between us, we're already very busy. This year it's been going pretty well so far and since putting ourselves on Yelp we've actually started working for complete strangers who have found us online. Combined with getting work from friends, and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends we've already done better this year than last, which is pretty cool. This weekend for instance we're building a deck/front stairs at someone's house and I'm designing a full closet re-organization for them as well. Chris and I really like working together and I think it's really beneficial having a design/organizing person and handyman built into the same team. The nice thing about having other jobs is that we can dip our feet into this adventure without any financial sacrifice: if it works, that's awesome (and we would love for it to), but if it doesn't we still have financial security and stability with our "real jobs."

7. We own Packers stock despite being 49ers fans

Don't tell my grandpa and dad, cover your ears: I actually like the 9ers more than the Raiders. The Raiders (at least in my memory) have just been a complete mess and I can't get behind the whole thug mentality. Chris loves the 9ers and we watch a ton of their games, so it's sorta just seeped in. The Packers and 9ers had a rivalry in the 90s and many 9ers fans around here don't like the Packers. But when we visited Lambeau Field on our baseball road trip we were totally won over. It's just so cool that it's a publicly owned company and that the team is such a part of people's lives and the community. I mean, people pass down their season tickets in their will! How cool is that? You may think that's crazy, but as a sports loving nut, I think it's awesome. In fact, hey dad, your season tickets at the A's are really good, are you leaving those to me? :)

8. We loooooove road trips

I think Chris and I are at our best when we're on trips together. I just have so much damn fun with that guy. I even just like car rides with him. The other night I convinced him to drive 25 minutes to the nearest Dairy Queen (despite MANY ice cream places closer) just because I like car rides with him. But road trips specifically are the best. We get to discover things, listen to lots of good music, talk about all sorts of stuff, learn with each other - it's just the best. There is something about sharing an adventure with a person who I just really like a lot that makes it so much fun. I wish we could be professional road trippers. We're really good at it by now: we're excellent packers, good at taking trips on a budget and despite my constant need for planning, on road trips I'm much more spontaneous. It's not strange for us to decide on a whim to drive across Ohio to visit the Christmas Story house only hours before our flight home (that was a close one...) I can't wait to take Cashew on road trips too. I hope she loves them just as much as her mom and dad.

So there you have it, 8 silly facts about our 8 year old relationship. I am of course a bad girlfriend and have work at the A's tonight (and last night) so we can't celebrate, but I'll make sure to give him a big fat smooch before he leaves for work :) Love ya Christopher!


Heather said...

Happy anniversary! You two are a fantastic team.

meryl rose said...

Awww, thanks Heather ;)

Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! You two are so cute together. Good luck with the handyman business. If I lived closer than halfway across the country I'd hire you in a second.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Jessica! And we'd gladly take your business :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Happy Anniversary!

Deb said...

You are too cute ;) Happy Anniversary!!

meryl rose said...

Thank you! :)