The Annual Veggie Garden Redo

Every Spring the veggie gardens get a redo. I wasn't too excited for it this year because my allergies have been seriously kicking my ass, but yesterday they weren't nearly as bothersome as they've been the past several days, so I ran out and planted as fast as I could before the sneezing fits started. I had a good haul to work with

The banana of course is not for planting. It was tasty though.

First up was veggie garden 2.0

The beans and peas were still holding on strong, but it was time to take out the potatoes. We've had pretty good luck planting those guys so I was excited to see what we came up with this year

I started pulling them out (after I broke the first bowl to put them in, hello broken blue glass) and was pleasantly surprised by the lot I came up with

And after digging around a bit I came up with a few more for a good, full bowl of super tasty potatoes

Then it was time to plant things. For veggie garden 2.0 I decided to plant some more beans and peas as well as 2 green peppers and 2 watermelons

This veggie garden gets a really good amount of sun, so we shall see how they do

Apparently I took no photo of veggie garden 2.0 after it was all planted and watered after I finished it yesterday afternoon, and I'm currently still in my sweatpants so that's not happening right now...you'll have to imagine what the happy little planted food looks like :)

Next up, the original veggie garden that Chris' mom helped us build just months after moving into this house 4 years ago. It was not looking so hot several weeks ago when I snapped this pic

So I weeded this past weekend in anticipation of planting

Much better.

For this veggie garden I went with 3 different tomato plants (we seem to have pretty good luck with tomatoes), 2 squash and carrots and onions

When I was reading the back of the carrot seeds it said they liked cool weather, but we've apparently always accidentally planted them in the Spring and had pretty good luck, so I figured I might as well try again. I laid everything out

And then popped them all in the ground and gave it a good watering

I was glad to get this checked off my list before Cashew comes. We've been so busy the last couple of weeks I was afraid it was going to slide off the list and if we didn't do it now it certainly wasn't going to get done till later in the summer when we've got a better handle on how to take care of our child :) But now I'm excited about the tasty things that will grow and we can eat :)


Deb said...

Yay for you...you are really taking care of business before Cashew's arrival!

meryl rose said...

I'm trying! :)