Weeding, Planting, Transplanting

The thing we neglect most in this house (besides cleaning...) are our yards. That was a big reason why when we landscaped the front our first rule to my step mom was LOW MAINTENANCE. I very much like the fact that I only have to spend 15-30 minutes in the front yard every 2-3 weeks weeding and trimming things down. The backyard pretty much gets no love though and is usually over grown with weeds. I routinely need to "mow" the lawn by weed whacking it every 6 months. Yup, that's about how long I go between tending to it. I know, I told you we neglect it.

And here's a great example: the side of our house

See, completely overgrown. Luckily because there's not much sunlight here the soil is never completely dried out so the weeds come up pretty easily. I spent about 45 minutes and got it yanked out pretty well. Not completely, but good enough

Plus, it was hot as hell when I decided to tackle the project and bending over and weeding everything repeatedly was making my pregnant self pretty tired. Add in allergy fun and I wasn't too broken up about the fact that it wasn't perfect. I still need to weed this area

But our green container was completely full so I was glad I could be lazy and save it for another time :)

Now that it's full on Spring and only one month till Summer I decided it was time to plant something in our mosaic planters in the front yard as well

Doesn't the front look so inviting with dead plants inside the planters? Gerbera daisies are my favorite flower (they're just so damn cheerful and happy looking) and HD had some on sale, so I set about filling our mosaic planters with them

So much happier, right?

Then there was some moving around and transplanting in our front yard. Things are really coming in amazingly well and it's crazy to be able to tell how much larger so many of the plants are already only 1 year after we planted things. But, there are some things that have not fared so well, so I wanted to switch things around a bit. For instance, hello dead Mexican Heather

My dad kept trying to tell me that these were going to come back. But I was not convinced. Especially because the plant tag said annual and well, they looked really dead. So it was time to rip those out.

The one over by the Coral Bark Maple got replaced by a Lily of the Nile that has been sitting in a container for the last year that we didn't use when we planted the front yard last summer. Pretty handy for keeping that around

The Lily of the Niles on the other side of the yard are very happy

So hopefully the one I just planted gets happy too.

In addition, the Arizona Sun Blanket Flower looked really pretty when it first bloomed last year, but it's starting to look really ratty

And another one just up and decided to die. A Penstemon on the top of the mound next to the dwarf maple decided to die as well, so I decided to replant something there too. While getting the daisies at HD I picked up some Garden Pink Coconut Surprise to replace the Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers in the front

And a Pincushion Flower Pink Mist to replace the Penstemon on the mound

The Arizona Sun Blanket came out really easy

And the Garden Pinks got popped in.

The last item on the to do list was splitting the Coreopsis and transplanting them. They've done super well

Because they're so big I decided to split one of them and plant it over on the other side of the yard where the Mexican Heather had died. I was totally freaked out, so I read and re-read how to split them to make sure I did it correctly. I decided to do the middle one

But, uh, they didn't look super happy with me when I split them and planted them back in the ground

Droopy MrDrooperson. I planted them with some phospherous as many of the instructions said, but still, they don't look very pleased with me

And the one that got split off? It's similarly not pleased

I've read that this may happen, so hopefully after they have a couple days with good watering they perk up. Fingers crossed!

I didn't plant anything in the Arizona Sun Blanket's place on the bottom of the mound

If the Coreopsis split goes well, next year I may split another one and plant it a little further down the mound in this nice open spot

Depression about the Coreopsis aside, the yard is looking pretty awesome as Spring rolls along

It's so full and happy

Now here's to hoping the Coreopsis perks up and gets happy again...


Jessica said...

It looks awesome! I'm sure your coreopsis will perk up soon. And can I just say, thank you for calling them Gerbera daisies. It drives me nuts when I see them referred to as gerber daisies. There is an A! Sorry, plant pet peeve.

meryl rose said...

It has been SUPER hot the last several days so I've made sure to give them a really good water, my fingers are still crossed but it's not looking good at the moment :( And of COURSE I made sure to include the "A" :)