A Phone Call to the Mold Expert

This whole rug debacle is hilarious. We received the rug we ordered as scheduled on Monday, hooray! We bought it from Overstock, but want to know what the packaging said?


When it arrived there was a rip in the packaging

I didn't pay much attention to it, but a couple nights ago Chris was in the front room doing something and he shouted out to me, "Is that MOLD?"

Wha???? After we had to get rid of the old one because of mold it would really be just our luck that after we had to order a 3rd rug that it would arrive moldy. I was a little skeptical because I wondered how the hell that could possibly happen, but I have to admit that it looked a little questionable

Luckily, my step dad is pretty smart. And he's a partner at a law firm that has worked on a lot of cases that involve mold, so he's pretty knowledgeable about it. I got him on the phone and explained what it looked like, where it was, etc. He seemed skeptical about it being mold as well and thought that it was most likely some sort of sticky product that had gotten on the back of the rug and dirt had clung to it. But just to be safe he gave me instructions on how to clean it.

First off I carried it outside because it involved chemicals and I didn't really want to do that in the house. Plus, rugs always smell like crap when you open them out of their wrapping so it would give it a nice airrng out. The patio isn't very spacious at the moment because of handyman projects though...

I found a little spot between the sawhorses and laid out a drop cloth and unrolled the rug. First with the pattern side up so I could oogle it :)

Pretty :)

Then it was time to flip it over and get to work

I was armed with a toothbrush we use for cleaning, bleach and a rag

CBH first gave me instructions to use the toothbrush to rub out the surface layer of the stain (or mold)

It didn't really do much

The fact that whatever it was didn't rub out easily at all made CBH think it was even less likely that it was mold. Hooray!

The next task was to put bleach on a rag and very lightly brush it over the stain/mold (though most likely stain). It was really important to not put too much on the rag and not rub it too roughly on the rug so that it didn't seep through and damage the pattern

I immediately saw a difference in the stain and it looked like it was getting cleaned up well. But the last task was letting the bleach soak in a little bit and leaving the rug out in the sun for the afternoon

And when we got back from little Miss Cashew's 40 week doctor's appointment last night (she's still cooking away inside my belly) we brought the rug back inside. I completely forgot to take a picture of it when it was still unrolled on the patio and after Chris carried it back inside I tried to look for where the stain used to be and I literally could not find it at all

Hooray, stain away! :)

I am hoping this officially ends the saga of the rug. And maybe we can even put it in our bedroom this weekend. We're hoping our little lady holds off and doesn't arrive till Tuesday, we can get a lot done over a 3 day weekend :)


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