Cashew Will be Stylin' in her T-shirt Onesie

I have to admit, I was a little late in getting to the Pinterest Challenge project this time around. As in, I started it at 4pm yesterday. Work has been so busy lately, I didn't think I'd even get to it, but yesterday afternoon after spending 4+ hours in the car for work, I thought an art project was just the thing to lift my tired butt spirits :)

At 4pm I didn't even have an idea of what project I wanted to do, but I looked at my shelves for what art supply I had too much of, and I thought: fabric

And specifically: t-shirts

I've saved various t-shirts that no longer fit me - but I like the artwork - thinking that maybe one day I'd do something with them. They've all been sitting on that shelf for at least 2 years. In some cases 4. Naturally, these were a perfect candidate for an art project.

I searched "reuse t-shirt" on Pinterest and the best idea popped up: a t-shirt onesie!

Pin it here.

And because last time for the Pinterest Challenge I made artwork for Cashew's room, I thought it was fitting that I make her an item of clothing this time

I clicked on the Pinterest image to go to the original source's webpage in hopes that they'd have instructions on how to make it. Sure enough, there were some awesome instructions

Image found here.

So I used the instructions and got to work.

I though using my Obama '08 shirt would be pretty cute. Cashew being all vintage :)

I brought out a onesie I already had and folded it and the t-shirt in half

I cut around the t-shirt allowing for a seam allowance

After they had been cut out I separated the two pieces...

Here's where I veered away from the directions a bit. Not because they weren't wonderful (because they were), but because I was just lazy and wanted to go quicker :)

I pinned the two sides together and started sewing them together. First the top along the shoulders

And then under the arms and along the sides

Once the two sides were sewn together I noticed that the front of the onesie was a bit too long compared to the one I traced from

So I trimmed it so it matched the original. Duh.

Then I hemmed the front and back. This step was a little hard because of the curve, but it went okay

After I hemmed the front and back there was still one more step, but I couldn't do it because I started this project at 4pm and I didn't have any snaps or velcro on hand to make the little onesie go from this...

To this...

And as you can see I didn't hem the ends of the sleeves or the neckline

I did this for 2 reasons: 1) I was a little freaked out that I would mess it up and 2) I figure she's going to grow so quick she'll probably only wear this thing approximately 4 times before it doesn't fit her anymore so there's no point in trying to make it perfect. And frankly, raw cotton edges are pretty comfy anyway.

All in all this project took me about 25 minutes to complete (I'll add another 5 for a grand total of 30 once I put the velcro on)

I think this little thing is pretty damn cute :) And I love that it cost me $0 (though I still have to get that velcro...) But I'm thinking it was so quick and easy to sew and I still have another 5 old t-shirts with nothing on their plate that another few onesies might get made. Of course, I may have to refrain from making my old Ray Allen jersey into one, I'm still mad at him for playing for the Heat.

I'm 38 weeks today, pretty soon Cashew will be able to wear it! :) I can't wait!

Thanks for the inspiration!:
Young House Love
Bower Power
Sparkle Meets Pop
and Red Bird Blue


Jessica @ The Desert Abode said...

Found you through YHL. Such a smart idea! (And love the T you chose!)

Kathie said...

You can reuse the neck from your adult t-shirt if you want to finish the neckline. Just cut it off, cut it down and sew it onto the onesie. :)

meryl rose said...

Haha, thanks Jessica! :)

Oh, nice idea Kathie, thanks! I was nervous about being able to hem on the curve, so having the curve of the neck from the old shirt and just sewing it on makes things a lot easier.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Shut up! Clever

Emily B said...

What a great way to reuse old t-shirts. I'm thinking this would also be a way to create matching (sibling) shirts if you needed it.

~em @ small girl, big world

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies! :)

KnitNat said...

Thanks for linking to my tutorial! I really like the changes you made to the design.

meryl rose said...

Thanks for your AWESOME tutorial!