Chris' Tool Obsession: Bit Holders

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This post is about my quest for the perfect bit holder

Like most people I started with the usual generic 3" bit holder.

(found here)

It holds bits, but sometimes when driving screws the bit will stay with the screw and come out of the holder. Other times, you're reaching with one hand to drive a screw and the screw doesn't stay on the bit because there's no magnet in the bit holder.

My next step up from the generic bit holder was the locking bit holder.

(found here)

It has a sliding collar that keeps the bit from coming out of the holder in those times when the bit bites onto the screw.

Next I found an Ivy Classic bit holder at the local hardware store that had a stronger magnet in lieu of the locking collar.

(found here)

This seemed to work for a while and was a step up. The bit would hold on to the screw a little better with one hand driving operations and the bit wouldn't fall out if the screw stuck to the bit. However, the magnet wasn't as strong as I'd like to hold the screws when driving with one hand, yet was somehow too strong to allow easy removal of the bits with my hands.

My next step in the bit holder evolution was another Ivy Classic bit, this time one with an even stronger screw and a sliding collar that helps stabilize the screw when doing one handed driving.

(found here)

I was pretty happy with this setup until the collar broke off one day which caused me to revisit my quest for the perfect bit holder.

The Wera bit holder is a good all purpose bit holder.

(found here)

Not as good as the Ivy Classic Mega Magnetic bit holder, but a little sleeker.

The last step in my search for the perfect bit holder was the Hitachi bit holder that recently came to market.

Hitachi 115007 Magnetic Lock Bit with Phillips #2 Head - 1 Each

(found here)

It has a sleek design and holds screws extremely well. However, it only comes in PH2 and SQ2 configurations so if you have smaller Phillips head screws or Torx head screws you're out of luck. Also, it is sleek overall, but the head is fat and doesn't allow for countersinking screws.

In the end, I didn't find the perfect bit holder so I guess the quest continues. Most of the time I reach for the Wera or Ivy Classic Mega Magnetic bit. If I need to drive a screw without being able to hold it with my off hand, then the Hitachi is definitely my goto bit holder. I'm glad I have them all to choose from so I can choose the one that suits the task at hand.

I also did a short video review:

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