Happy Memorial Day

Is everyone having a happy 3 day weekend? We are :) Little Miss Cashew still has not decided to grace us with her presence, but we're enjoying having 3 days of productivity. Frankly, Chris and I were hoping that she wouldn't arrive this weekend - how terrible is that? But ummm, May has been a little ridiculous. This is what May was going to look like as April was ending

And this is what it actually ended up looking like

Up until today, we've had only 4 days that didn't have something on the calendar (and that didn't include regular day job work). And frequently we had days that got doubled up. It was ridiculous. That's why - as much as we are stupendously excited to meet our daughter - we were hoping that we had this weekend to get caught up on things.

And the great thing, this is what June is looking like

Not. a. god. damn. thing.

Marvelous. It will be baby snuggles and baby love alllll month long.

But until then, I need to get back to work! Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Emily said...

What a teaser post! What are you working on?

(My due date is 6/20 and we're sending the preschooler on vacation 6/15. Here's to hoping I go on time!)

meryl rose said...

Most of the work this weekend was actually trying to finish up handyman jobs, but Chris did work a little bit on the trim for our bedroom. I spread out new mulch in the yard and then mostly took it easy - finally being lazy :) Us preggos gotta take it easy SOMETIMES :)