Mulch Makes Things Better

I'm still disappointed in myself for killing our coreopsis, and the fact that we're getting more weeds in the yard wasn't making me feel any better either

I decided it was time to re-mulch the yard. It was looking pretty barren in places

I figured a nice new thick layer of mulch would help the weeds, and just make things look prettier :)

Chris bought a bunch of bags on his way home from a handyman job on Saturday so I started out with those

He could only fit 9 in the truck with all his tools, but it was better to start out with not enough, that way we didn't crazy over purchase.

I started spreading it out by working on the furthest part of the yard first. I figured being 4 days past my due date while working on this task would probably tire me out fairly quickly, so I wanted to carry the bags the furthest first

As I carried each bag out one by one it got all spread out in a new 2-3" layer

I got through the first 9 bags fairly quickly so I waited until Chris was done working on his task and then we headed out to HD together to get another 12 bags (that was my guess for how much more we needed). After we got returned I got back at it

All in all it took 18 bags, which isn't too bad. And it took me about 2 hours. It felt good getting all that physical work done and I was happy to hopefully save the yard from more weeds. The rest of the day I was pretty exhausted though, so I spent most of the time on my computer working on day job work trying to bill as many hours before little Cashew comes. And yesterday I was still pretty tired, so I took it easy again. Man, being almost 41 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) has a tendency to tire you out... :)

It's quite amazing how pretty things look with new mulch.


Post mulch

Another pre-mulch


And last one


I love our yard, it makes me happy

New mulch makes everything better. But I still do have to replace those two dead coreopsis...


Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

I love your yard. I just need to bite the bullet and get some more plants for the front yard. I did put out 2 bags of mulch last week--only a billion to go. I was thinking about having a big load of it dropped off at the haus, but being able to pick it up and carry it where ever you want is sooo nice. Much better than shoveling it into a wheelbarrow first. I cant wait to see photos of cashew!!!!! so close now.

Kathie said...

I honestly don't know how you're doing it. My last couple of weeks of being pregnant involved me coming home from work and collapsing on the couch and sleeping. Mad props to you!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara! Yeah, bags are nice for dumping exactly where you want them to go. And frankly I don't think it's really much more work when you count all the shoveling you have to do when you get it delivered.

Kathie - That mulch took it out of me, I've pretty much been a mess since then. Hopefully that means she comes out soon!