The Homestretch

A fitting title to a post about Cashew because this past weekend was our baby shower - at an A's game of course :)

This weekend was actually incredibly busy, and that's sorta been the theme of our lives lately. The handyman business is doing well the last couple weeks, but it's been taking us away from the house. We're working for 2 people specifically right now who have expanded the depth of projects they want us to work on. The plus side is our bank accounts are happier (and we're learning a lot and obviously making these 2 customers very happy), the downside, ummm, pretty much no progress on the house the last 10 or so days. Like zero.

This is what April looked like

And this is what May is looking like so far

Notice that my last game at the A's is 5/18 and her due date is 5/22? I'm worried I may regret that one...

This weekend there was exactly NO work on the house. I'm not sure the last time we spent an entire weekend not working on our house (and weren't out of town), but it felt weird. Saturday we built a deck/stairway at someone's house. It was an 11 hour day door to door and my pregnant body was SO achy by the time the day was over. But we went from this

To this

(they'll either let the sun bleach the redwood or stain it, they're not sure yet). It was really satisfying and they were really happy with how it turned out. Especially considering it was getting really dangerous because many boards were getting wobbly.

Then Sunday was our baby shower. And it was awesome. Naturally we had it at an A's game :) The shower was from 11-1 and then people could stay and watch the game if they wanted (and who wouldn't?). We had BBQ and boys vs. girls baseball & baby trivia. We ended in a tie and the boys won the tie breaker question. Bastards :)

Photo: Beer and bellys! Thank you for including me in cashew's special day, she already has the most amazing family

(I take trivia seriously)

We had an AMAZINGLY fun time with our family and friends. My department put a super sweet message to us on the board and they came and had us sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on camera during the 7th inning stretch. And the A's won in extra innings. It was an awesome day.

And the crazy thing? Today Cashew is full term: 37 weeks. This little lady can make an appearance at any time now and be healthy and (hopefully) happy. Last week at our 36 weeks appointment she was already estimated to weigh 7 lbs, so frankly, I hope she decides to come sooner rather than later. Of course there are many projects that have suffered around the house that we're probably not going to have any chance of getting done before she comes.

The laundry room floor?

Totally not happening.

The trim and painting the second coat in our bedroom

That one might happen.

Cashew's room?

I hope we get to that one :)

And our sump pump project? Chris just has a couple hours of wiring to do to get it all hooked up, but our backyard is starting to grow grass again, so that's good news, right?

How am I feeling? Actually still really good. I'm starting to get fatigued at the end of the day and I make sure not to work out on days that I work night games at the A's (because I get sooooo tired). But I'm still trying to get in about 2 workouts a week. I'm happy to still contribute to the house and not be completely useless. Yet. And I still count my amazing blessings that I have yet to suffer from any: swelling, heartburn or stretchmarks. Seriously, this girl is cooking well and treating her momma good.

She is moving around a TON and likes to bounce around all over the place in the evening on days after we've worked really hard. Clearly she thinks I'm lazy whenever I rest on the couch. She is her father's daughter I guess ;)

We've got the hospital bag packed, the phone tree set up to let family know when the day arrives and we're just counting down trying to get as much done as possible before she comes. 3 more weeks (maybe more, maybe less) till we've got a little girl around here. I really just can't believe it. I want my little buddy here now :)


Bunny @ 86n It said...

Solo excited for you guys. Plus, how adorable are you? Ridiculous! Love the scoreboard message. Very sweet.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Solo = so. Stupid autocorrect.

meryl rose said...

Aww, thanks Nikki :) I thought it was HILARIOUS that the scoreboard message went up at the same time as beer commercial, hehehe :)

Luisa said...

Got nuthin', just wanted to say that I'm so happy for you and your fam! Great post, great blog, and a great scoreboard message :~)

meryl rose said...

Thanks Luisa! :)

Deb said...

Oh my goodness! Already? it doesn't seem possible that it's almost time :) (psst - both my girls came at 36 weeks and 3 days so you never know what will happen! :))

meryl rose said...

I know! Today I'm finishing the last of the baby washing and assembly of stuff. I can't believe she can really come at any minute now, ah! :)