The Trim Isn't Happening

Besides the fact that our daughter could be arriving anytime (I'm 41 weeks today), we've hit a hiccup with the trim in our bedroom, boooo. Between other work going on Chris has slowly been installing the trim in our bedroom. Neither of us like this step very much, so it always takes us a long time to do it (remember how long it took us to install that 5ft piece of baseboard? Way too long).

But slowly things did go in. The main entry door is done

The door to the bathroom has gone from this

To this

And our closet still needed a jamb, so it went from this

To this

It still needs trim, but the jamb is in! :)

We were hoping to get the baseboard and picture molding up at least on the wall that our bed is on before Cashew comes. There's basically no way that all the trim is going to get done, so we were trying to just get the most important wall done. I picked up all the trim and have been painting it and it is finally ready to be installed

And this past weekend Chris was all set to get it installed when he noticed something really lame: when some previous owner redid our bedroom they put in trim that wasn't original to the house and was A LOT higher than the original trim

We never thought to make sure that the drywall came down low enough for the trim to cover the seam, but just our luck: it doesn't

Oh, and there's a gap in the hardwood

Yup: that sucks.

Chris was really pissed off when he made the discovery as he was bringing the trim in to install it. I was outside mulching so I wasn't on board for that great adventure. He called me inside to go over the crappy discovery. We looked at it a little while, annoyed, perturbed, and bothered that we didn't check beforehand. Luckily, there is a fix, though it's not ideal: shoe molding.

Many homes have shoe molding along all of their baseboard. I actually cannot stand shoe molding (one of those random weird renovation pet peeves I have) and so I'm happy that there isn't one inch of shoe molding in our house. However, we'll have to install some in here for the fix. We could slice off a bit of the drywall, patch it allllll around the room and install another 1/2" of hardwood and stain/poly it alllll around the room as well. But lets all be honest - that would fucking suck. So, instead we'll raise the installation height of our baseboard a little bit and then install a piece of shoe molding along with it. It's not ideal, and I won't love the way it looks, but it's certainly a lot better than the alternative. Oy vey, why don't things ever go according to plan?


Jessica said...

If you're really opposed to shoe molding, you could possibly attach some 1/4" or so plywood to the back of the trim to make it just thick enough to hide the gap. Of course you'd probably have to fill and sand the top edge of the trim then, which will take time, but since you hate shoe molding it might be worth thinking about.

meryl rose said...

That was actually my first idea, but in some places (where I took the pic it doesn't really show it) the drywall is WAY too short, so you'd have to do a patch with the drywall also, which would make a lot more work :(

Deb said...

"But lets all be honest - that would fucking suck."

^^^Made me spit coffee out of my nose when I read that. Ha!

I can't believe that baby is still cooking - she must be VERY comfortable in there ;)

meryl rose said...

Well, it would :)

I know, our baby REALLY likes hanging out in my belly, sigh...hopefully she comes this weekend!!! :)