We Have a Cup Problem

That sounds weird. And you may not understand, but in this cabinet...

...there are a lot of cups

Specifically, there are a lot of souvenir cups

You see, it's really all my dad's fault. When I was little we always collected A's cups. Each season I got excited to get the newest cup and with 2 kids I know my parents appreciated having plastic cups that they didn't have to worry would break. So I've kept the tradition alive and still collect A's cups

This of course does not include the 2 A's cups that are currently in use by Chris and I, the many that are in the dishwasher or the ones I periodically give to my brother for his smoothies (they start to smell a little funky from his protein powder so I give him 1 or 2 every several months). All in all, we have 14 that are just A's cups. I told you, it's a problem. But I love them.

Of course, when Chris and I went on our baseball road trip 7 years ago we collected cups from the other stadiums as well, so we've got cups from teams all over the US (we didn't get one in Toronto, boo on us). And when we go on our football road trip each fall we get one too

So that is how we've amassed a ridiculous collection of 40ish souvenir cups. But with baby on the way (9 days late today little lady, let's think about coming out now, hmmm?) I figured it was time to pare them down and revise. I'm a bit of a souvenir cup discriminator: I do not like the ones that are skinnier on the bottom

I'm not quite sure why, but for some reason they just pale in comparison to me. As you can see, these ones basically never get used so they're crammed in the back. As a cup hoarder however I have a hard time completely getting rid of them. After all, some of them are pretty cool (like the White Sox hologram one)

So when a stack of these cups appeared next to the pull down ladder to the attic and Chris asked if I was getting rid of them, I replied, "NO! They're just going to the attic. I can't let go." He laughed at me and rolled his eyes :)

Once I had revised the cups I reorganized the cabinet. Beer glasses and infrequently used nalgenes went to the top with wine glasses on the third shelf

Then we had plenty of room to stash Cashew's baby bottles and coffee mugs on the second shelf and all of our superior souvenir cups had plenty of room as well

This photo clearly demonstrates that there is plenty of room now for more souvenir cups. I told you I have a problem.


Vincent P said...

Guilty as charged. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

sarah @ stp haus said...

Well if your trip was 7yrs ago then I'm assuming you have yet to see Target Field. Let me know if you ever plan too.

meryl rose said...

Thanks for admitting fault dad :)

Sarah - we haven't! Since our trip the Marlins, Twins, Yankees, Mets and Nationals all have new stadiums. Chris and I have thought we should have a little mini redo... I'll keep you posted if we are lucky enough to get around to it :)

Emily said...

OMG, you have a problem. I could totally see collecting mugs... They last! Plastic... no. Just, no.

meryl rose said...

Lol, you don't find the cheap plastic worthwhile :) :) :)

Marcia said...

If this is a cup problem, I can't even being to explain the cup-hoarding that is going on at my parents house. They have a cabinet about double this size, completely filled with collectable cups (plastic sports cups, glass college cups, the kind from Burger King with all the Disney movies...).

That said, they do tend to be the cups we actually use at their house. I'm I'm totally with you on the cups with the skinnier bottoms - don't like 'em one bit.

meryl rose said...

Ok, now I don't feel so bad :) But yes, they are the cups we ALWAYS use too, and we never run out of any when people come over :)

Seriously, why do they make those skinny bottom ones?