WTF? Why Won't You Close Damn Cabinet!?

Remember our medicine cabinet that wouldn't close?

And it still wouldn't close even after we put those little magnets in the corner? Well, we decided for round 2 we'd take the door down and shave a little off. After doing a lot of inspections it seemed like the door had maybe swelled a bit (it is natural wood after all, but it did also get several coats of primer to seal it)

Chris brought out the track saw and we shaved just a little itty bitty bit off

After it was cut down I gave it two quick, coats of paint to seal it

Then last night we hung it back up. We put the hinges on the door first

Then we brought it into the bathroom and while I held it up Chris screwed it back in place (that mofo is heavy)

And the verdict?

Damnit it, still doesn't close!

Doesn't Chris look pleased?

So there was more inspecting

Chris being pensive

But no matter how you looked at it, it still didn't close

If we force closed it (and held it in place to keep it closed) we noticed that it was fine on the bottom

But it popped out on the top

Lame sauce.

Chris had a couple ideas: maybe the screws were hitting each other, maybe he needed to mortise the hinges into the actual cabinet frame, and a couple others. Anyone have any ideas?


Heather said...

Oh, I know pensive Chris all too well! We hate it when that face comes out.

Old House Lover said...

It looks like either the door isn't hung paralell to the cabinet or the door or cabinet are warped.

Vincent P said...

I agree. Lay the door down on a known level surface (perpendicular to the way it hangs in the frame. The check it for level-ness across both x and y. I suspect the top is warped outward. If it is level, the the frame it is hanging in may be out of level (while still square) as in the upper RH corner is embedded into walls lightly more.

Mayfair Mistress said...

From a spectator standpoint, it would be hilarious if after all the amazing things you've done in the past few months, this is the one obnoxious thing that doesn't get done before cashew arrives! (oh, and I second the warped frame idea)

Deb said...

You guys are WAY smarter than I am, but I was thinking that it might be something with the hinges as well?? I know you'll figure it out and tell us!

meryl rose said...

Thanks for your suggestions everyone! The weird thing is that it used to close properly, and now it doesn't which makes me think we hung the door properly and maybe it's gotten warped. We'll keep you updated!