Closet Plans

First off you amazingly awesome people, let me just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the kind words and thoughts you sent along our way yesterday. Seriously, the comments and emails and texts I got from everyone regarding yesterday's post made me cry, on several occasions, in the best way possible. I felt so loved and understood and that was amazing. The little lady has still not decided to make a natural appearance, so it's looking more and more like I will be induced tomorrow which I'm still bummed about, but I've realized that's just her way of coming into this world. Apparently I've made too comfortable of a home for her - or at least that's what I like to tell myself :)

Alright, now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

We're working slowly on getting the awkward closet finished, but we have made some progress. The floor is stained, hooray! It didn't go exactly as well as planned, but it's a fucking closet, so I don't really care that much. Before Chris stained he hopped in there one last time to give it all a good sanding because I may have dripped some paint on the floor...

After he sanded I went in with mineral spirits to clean things up

Once that had all dried Chris brought in the stain to match the rest of the floors. We make sure to store our stain upsidedown (it supposedly keeps better - though we found out later that's not really actually true), but even after mixing it all up, it was just not going down well. It was really gray and thin. Very strange

Luckily we had another container of it and Chris went out to the garage to get that one. It went down better after the first coat, but even after the second and 1 layer of poly it didn't look spectacular. But again, it's a closet so I really don't care too much

We've been sitting at this point for a little while so I thought maybe making some closet plans would make us excited to work on it again. And while I was at it I made closet plans for our bedroom too. I'll just not think about the trim failure in there and plan a closet that won't get reorganized/built for another 6 months. Yup, I'm being productive.

First up, the awkward closet plan. This closet is really weird: it's only 19" wide, which makes for an organizing conundrum. Thanks to your suggestions, Chris and I decided that a combination of shelving, closet rods, pegboards and deep drawers would be best. So here are the plans for the left back wall and the wall immediately to the right when you open the door

On the left side, which is this deep wall...

...we'll have one shelf at the very top of the wall. This closet is pretty tall, so having a shelf up here seemed to be the most practical. Then there will be two rows of closet rods. 2 rows definitely doesn't seem like enough for only a 19" wide closet, but hey, it's something. And then at the bottom there will be 2 drawers that pull out

I think this plan maximizes the strange width as much as we can.

Then there is the side immediately to your right when you open the door

It's only 6" deep

Just shelving. There really isn't much else we can do. With it only being 6" deep before the door jamb you can't actually install any closet rods, and at least shelves are something. Right? I'm not sure what you can put on a 6" deep shelf, but hopefully there's something. Maybe a shoe. Sideways?

Then there is the giant wall that's 92" wide

(this closet is 19" deep and 92" wide, so fucking weird)

Because the closet is only 19" deep you really can't have any shelves, closet rods or anything else on this wall because you wouldn't be able to actually stand in front of the shelf or closet rod and pull something down. There wouldn't be enough room for the shelf + body + enough room to maneuver. Those 3 things = far more than 19" so my solution was to install a large pegboard. It's not ideal, but it's something. You can hang things from it without taking up too much room. Hopefully at least. I figure this item of organization is the question mark, so we'll do it last to see if we really need it, or if it will actually work in the space.

Then there's our bedroom closet

Chris built the shoe storage right when we moved in and the far right shelving unit was already there. However, the closet actually extends another 12 or so inches towards the right behind the wall and we're not maximizing the 10+ inches above the top closet rod. It's a good plan, but we want to eliminate Chris' dresser and my dresses and longer hanging items are currently stored in our hall closet

My goal was to get this stuff into our bedroom closet and get another couple shelves of storage in there for the stuff in Chris' dresser. Eventually we'll also build a platform bed with drawers in it.

I planned to have the shoe shelving at the bottom, 2 stacks of shelving, 2 sets of double rods and 1 closet rod for full length things. I made lots of measurements and rough plans

Normally graph paper is my go to planner...

...but for some reason I was having a brain dump. All the calculations needed to be really specific (we were going to use 1/2" stock) and with each square on the sheet representing 3" it was difficult making things exact enough, so I went to the computer and used Photoshop

The most important item was the shoe storage because it determined how long and tall the shelving unit was along the ground, which would then determine how large the 2 stacks of shelving could be, which would then determine how much hanging storage I could get. I'm a tennis shoes kind of girl and I've got a decent amount, but luckily many are converse so a lot of the "bins" for shoes don't have to be very large

Once all the shoes were figured out (things got modified and switched around a bit), the shelving units and closet rods were easy. The last step was writing out all the measurements

With this plan I'll be able to store 32 pairs of shoes (most are mine, but some are Chris'), Chris and I will each have a double closet rod and a set of shelves and the closet rod at the far right will be for my full length things. I didn't spec out how tall each shelf would be for our 2 stacks of shelves because I figure that'll be a game time decision to make sure the height of everything works and can be installed without any problems. Of course, we just have to find the time to get around to building it...

But of course I did more impractical things: I ordered fabric for it. Fabric? Instead of closet doors we'll have fabric curtains. The bedroom is fairly narrow and with a king sized bed there isn't much clearance between the bed and closet, so we'll hang curtains inside the door jamb, like this...

(found here thanks to DIY by MRC)

I perused fabric.com looking for fabric and sent Chris about a dozen that I liked. He whittled them down to these 3

Richloom Kronos Slub Teal

(found here)

Ty Pennington Home Decor Impressions Revelation Royal

(found here)

Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Treasure Box Ocean Blue

(found here)

The last one was both of our favorites and it was the cheapest. And I found a coupon for it. Score!

So now we have the plan for 2 closets, the fabric for the "closet doors" for one of them, and a bunch of trim to put in the bedroom and a baby on the way tomorrow. And we never did get to that laundry room floor... Just a little bit on the to do list :)


Kathie said...

I am...a fabric junkie. And I LOVE the first of the three that you picked out. So much so that I'm wondering if I should make new curtains for our bedroom. hee.

meryl rose said...

DO IT! :)

Kathie said...


meryl rose said...

Bahhahaha :)

Deb said...

I've removed almost all of our closet doors and hung curtains instead - I love it! Sending good labor and delivery and healthy baby vibes your way today!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb! :) We're leaving in a little over 2 hours to go be induced. Not as nervous as I thought I'd be, but I've been keeping busy all day.