Closet Progress - Because Breast Pads have to go Somewhere

We've made some serious progress on that awkward closet. It wasn't really a priority before and we were figuring we'd finish it off later down the line, but now that Zoe is here there are extra diapers, breast pads, wipes and other baby goods strewn about my office

We decided finishing things off in the closet would be nice because it would get this stuff out of the way. Originally we had planned to build the shelving for it

But, shocker, we decided against building anything in here. Gasp! I know. We just wanted it to go faster and building things ourselves would take a while. Plus, this closet is so small and we figured it wouldn't really add much to have custom cabinetry/shelving in here.

Before we installed/purchased shelving though Chris trimmed out the inside of the door and added the baseboard

Then we went to buy the shelving for it. Normally I hate buying things at Ikea, but this seemed like a good place for it. The closet is so narrow I wanted to find a simple cabinet for the far nook where we were going to build 2 drawers. I surfed Ikea online and we settled on this guy for $20

ANTONIUS Frame and wire baskets IKEA

The wire baskets clocked in at $2.50 each, so the whole thing cost us just over $30 with tax. Which is honestly just about the same price we would have paid for wood and hardware to build a cabinet. Want to know the hilarious thing? This EXACT shelving unit is at the Container Store and costs over $100 because they just brand it differently. Seriously, it's the exact same. Same hardware, same assembly, etc. What a racket.

Anyway, we bought that for the far corner and then just standards with shelves for the really shallow 6" shelves immediately to the right when you open the door

Chris worked on installing it while I worked on day job work

Zoe didn't seem to mind the loud noises too much in the beginning

We put these on our registry to help not deafen her before she's 1 with all the power tools. She got a little pissed off after wearing them for about 5 minutes, but it was more because they made her really hot, rather than the noise (of course that's completely my assumption because her ears were all hot and sweaty after I took them off when she started crying).

The standards went up and the shelves went in

The shelves are about 7" deep or so because we cut them just slightly more narrow than the available space so that they could overhang the door trim to give us another 1.5 or so inches of space

And despite how shallow they are, they actually fit a TON of stuff

The best part? Now all the extra diapers, wipes, etc. are all out of the way and organized.

And the far nook in the closet is ready to be organized too. We added the little Ikea "cabinet"

We still had room above for the closet rods and shelf

Usually I leave 30-36" between closet rods to hang clothes, but we put them closer together in here because it's a kid's room and so we could fit a shelf above (and they needed to be at a low enough height so that you could actually reach the upper rod)

Once all the shelves and hanging rods were in I reorganized a bit according to what we use the most and we were able to call the project done!

The right side immediately after you open the door

And the left side

Finished project. Hooray!


The Scotdogs' said...

Wow, that's awesome! You packed a whole store in there, lol!

meryl rose said...

Ha! I know, we've got quite the stockpile :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

She's so tiny! Eeek!

meryl rose said...

She's already at 10 pounds, the little chunker :)