Free Maternity Pictures

When the photographer came out to take photos of us for the article in the SF Chronicle he told me that once the story published I could write to him and he'd send along some of the photos he took. I of course completely took him up on his offer and am so glad I did because his photos are awesome! I'm not the best photographer and Noah was just fucking great, so I wanted to share my favorites that he took. (all photos are courtesy of Noah Berger)

This was the photo on the front page of the Home & Garden section

My mom said it was one of her favorite photos of me. I think Chris and I look pretty cute, especially Chris ;)

I think this one is my favorite

I love the angle of my belly, the soft light coming from the left and the paint brush framed in front of Zoe grooving in my tummy. Plus, the piles of wood in the background keep it real: construction zone baby.

Well, this one might be my favorite too

Chris just looks so damn handsome! I love the perspective.

Some of my favorite storage in the garage

Chris' dad had all of these wine boxes and we made a big ol' storage bookcase with them way back when we were working on the garage a couple of years ago. Cost us just one sheet of plywood and has come in handy so much.

LOVE this one

And you want to know the awesome thing, Zoe loves to stare at it when we change her. That makes me feel good. If she's not crying during a diaper change and we whack it so things move and spin around she watches it very intently. I'm sure she's taking notes and will yell out "Drill!" one of these days :)

This is a seldom seen room in our house

I may have only done one or two posts about this room in our house - Chris' office. This room will eventually be a cosmetic makeover with a little bit of repair to the ceiling, so we haven't really ever touched it since we moved in. I loved the perspective of the photo though.

Our house looks so cute

This photo really makes it look like a Storybook Home.

This photo amazes me

That is one crazy wide angle lens. I have no idea how he was able to get this photo considering the bathroom is not very deep at all and he was standing in the doorway. However he took it and with what insane lens, it's awesome.

This photo is just hilarious

Bathroom reading material, bahahahahaaha :)

Practicing our "don't smile but look nicely at the camera" faces

I'm so used to people wanting you to SMILE at the camera, so it was weird for me to not do that. I kept laughing the whole time so I frequently had to pull my shit together so I didn't give some crazy grin. Chris is much more natural at it.

And this photo is just cute

Our green and yellow cars and smiling faces. Something about it just tickles me.

So there you have it, my favorite photos from our awesome photographer. I will definitely be printing several out to hang in our house. I've never had "professional" photos. And they're free :) Thanks SO MUCH Noah!


worry wort said...

Yeah Meryl & Miller (sweatshirt)!

meryl rose said...

Representin' :)

Anonymous said...

Aw... Thanks for the kind words! GAlad you guys are enjoying the shots... Noah (photog)

Emily said...

Those are great! Congrats again!