Holy Shit, We Actually Made Progress

First off, thanks everyone for all of your thoughtful well wishes, it means a lot to Chris and I. We've been trying to get a grasp on taking care of Zoe. This whole breast feeding thing is no joke (sorry for the TMI). That seems to be our biggest challenge so far. It should come as no surprise (for as much as my family loves food) that if we aren't perfectly on schedule with feeding her she seems to go a little crazy. But all in all she's healthy and happy and I'm healing well. Chris is a rockstar and has been cooking, cleaning, nuzzling, loving - pretty much the best ever. So me and Zoe are very lucky :)

Now, back to the house.

Something crazy happened: we actually worked on the house last weekend. Gasp! It felt good. (as in, last, last weekend - before we went to the hospital. Not 2 days ago. We're not that crazy). We've only got a couple handyman projects to finish up, so that left us with some actual time to get our own stuff done, yay! And we decided to work on the trim in our bedroom.

The trim around the main door and bathroom door was installed, so I patched

And Chris finished up the trim around the closet

And we installed baseboard!!!

You may remember that we had a bit of a problem with the trim in here and thought we'd have to install shoe molding to cover both the gap in drywall and the hardwoods

But it turns out that this corner of the room...

...is the only one that really has a drywall/short wood problem. Chris and I elected to install the baseboard along all the other walls in the room without shoe molding

And later, we'll skim coat (maybe have to add some plaster) onto the other wall and possibly run a small piece of wood to fill things in. It will create a little more work for us, take a little longer, but in the end neither of us like the look of shoe molding and there is no other shoe molding anywhere else in the house so we weren't really happy with having to install it in the first place. That means we won't be able to finish all the trim right now and we won't be able to get the room fully painted, but it will work out better and we'll like it more. Sometimes it's worth spending the extra time to make things the way you want them to be.

With the baseboard in, we moved on to the crown. The picture molding throughout our house actually sits a bit below the ceiling

We used a piece of poplar as a spacer as we were installing in the bedroom to make sure we got the molding sitting below the ceiling the correct amount

Chris would go out, cut the piece at the correct length, cope the corner, bring it in, and I'd hold up one end while he moved along the length of the room nailing it in place. When he got to my end, I'm step down from my stool and he'd nail in the last bit

It went pretty quickly and without any hiccups (well, minus the last pieces of baseboard we'll install later). When we were going to bed last Sunday night we were wondering why both of us seem to despise trim work so much and take so long to get to it

Oh Christopher :)

I was glad it went smoothly. I even got all the baseboard patched and spot primed and the picture molding patched

AND, I even painted all the picture molding, baseboard and door trim on Monday and Tuesday before we made went to the hospital on Wednesday. Ah, the sweet smell of progress :)

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