The Gate Falls out of Level

Last year as we were finishing up landscaping the front yard we installed the original gate on the front of the house

But in the last year one of the wing nuts broke and the gate has fallen out of level

See on the right side how much closer it is to the ground? As a result it always swings open and stays in this position

We've been trying to check off little things off of our to do list with Zoe being so little - tackling things that don't take too long so we make sure to have lots of snuggle time :) This has been on Chris' to do list for a while so last week we got to it.

We removed it from the wall

And that's when we discovered the broken wing nut

So we brought out a new one and shoved it in the holes we had already pre-drilled last year. This time we also put on a nice, thick bead of PL Premium because we figured it couldn't hurt to add some extra strength

Chris also decided to add some thread lock as well

I held it in place while Chris re-installed it

And then he added PL Premium to the sides as well (again, we figured it couldn't hurt)

Lastly, Chris put some shims under the gate to make sure everything dried and held in place overnight in an attempt to make sure it got set in a level position

Now? It's closing correctly and is finally level again

Let's just hope it stays that way.

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