2,400 Reasons We Met at Tower Records

This wall in our laundry room used to be full of CDs

And when we got to working on the laundry room we moved the CDs bookcases out of the room so that we could work on the floor, skim coat and paint, etc. As we were moving them out of the room we noticed that they were breaking down a bit. Chris built these 10+ years ago when he didn't have nearly as many tools or know-how and they're starting to show they're age. We didn't want to get rid of them, but we didn't know how much longer they'd hold up - especially considering the weight of 100's of CDs is not to be taken lightly. We decided that again we'd go with a standard system on the wall to put our CDs back. It'll be a good system for us now and any future homeowner can adjust the shelves and brackets how they see fit to create storage that better suites their needs. We didn't want to discard the bookcases though so we'll save the good wood and use it to build something else down the line. Everybody wins.

The first standards went on with a laser level

The blue tape marked off where the studs were so Chris could figure out where to hang the other 3 standards

Hi Zoe! :)

Then the other 3 standards went up

With the standards in we could start ripping down the shelves to the correct size (6.5" - we wish we could have made them a bit smaller, but that's the smallest brackets HD had)

And after all the shelves went in Chris started filling them up

Naturally, like any OCD freaks we have our CDs organized by genre and then alphabetical. We did work at Tower after all :) And after just a little bit of restacking all the CDs were in place

Yup, that's a lot o' CDs. Chris has transferred them all to his computer and onto an MP3 player as well, but we're still people who like to have the physical CD and listen to the whole thing - rather than just buying singles on iTunes. Again, we did meet at Tower.

It wasn't as cheap to go with the standards system (over $250 with all the brackets and shelves), but I think it looks really clean and nice

And there, my friends, are the 2,400 reasons we met at Tower Records. 


Jay Dub said...

This is probably the only project on here that I've ever scratched my head about....

For something that's a consistent size, and basically permanent storage, why use the extra cost and trouble of adjustable shelves (particularly since you both have such amazing woodworking skills). Furthermore, what you had there before looks to have fit better: the new shelves both have a 2" or so lip, and they stick out at least 2" from the opening in the wall area. And you have to make room for the vertical brackets... And the shelves are actually thicker than the old ones, which means (over the course of those 12 shelves, you might have actually sneaked an extra shelf in there with built ins...

I mean it's cool, and I dig it - I actually love that kind of shelf in general (cause someone even like me can install them!) but for this application, it's just surprising.

meryl rose said...

You make excellent points. The biggest factor was that the shelves weren't holding up well and were starting falling apart a little bit. They were 10 years old and built before Chris had the proper tools to build them as excellently as he does now. We didn't think it would cost as much as it did, so that was a bummer. But we also though having the adjustable shelves here would be better whenever we sell the place because people can customize it however they want instead of just having our CDs there. We thought about building something new, but with so many projects we've got lined up, it didn't seem like it was worth the limited cost we would save for the amount of extra time it would take. It's true though, the cost sucked a bit.

aptpupil said...

i sorta agree with you. i felt like the old cases i had weren't in great shape anymore and that space actually didn't quite fit them once you add baseboard, so i wanted to try something else. since the standards and brackets system was working well for us elsewhere in the house, i figured we could try it again here. i think it looks nicer - cleaner and neater. i also got to try my hand at edging some melamine. it also took less time and mental effort than building new cases.
all that said, i don't think this is what we'll do at the next house. next time i think i'll just build some cases they way i would have built them in the first place if i had the tools at the time.

Heather said...

This librarian approves. :) Very nice.

Deb said...

Holy shit ton of CDs Batman!

I don't think I've even been to a store in the past few years that has that many...wow!

meryl rose said...

I thought you'd like that Heather :)

And yes, Deb, holy shit, it's a lot of CDs :)

Dennis Sitton said...

How easily can you add CD's. Do the brackets block you from sliding them over to organize?

meryl rose said...

Yeah, we can't move the brackets and they do stick out a little bit, so we have to shift the CDs over rather than slide, which is a little annoying. But we made sure to leave openings between brackets as well as at the end of the shelves so it's not a complete fucking headache if we were to add 3-7 CDs per shelf. It's definitely probably less of a burden to deal with if the collection is relatively complete. If you still collect A LOT of CDs, it might not be the best storage system. But because we don't buy nearly as many any more, it works for us.