Cabinets and Bikes Go In

Now that the walls are skimcoated, texured, painted and the baseboards are in, it's finally time to get to installing the cabinets we bought over a month ago. The awesome thing is that because we'd already put them together Chris just carried them into the room and screwed them together in 3 spots and into the wall in 2

With the cabinets in, now it was my turn: organizing :)

I was carrying Zoe around in her carrier which made it a little hard to carry things from the front room into the laundry room to be organized, so Chris brought them into me and I got to work

We've still got a wall of cabinets to build on another wall in the laundry room (Phase 2), and on that wall of cabinets we'll put cleaning supplies. These 2 cabinets are small and so I decided they'd just keep our rags, first aid, moving blankets (that we use when we deliver furniture/cabinets we build for people) and our earthquake preparedness kit

I was actually fairly surprised at how much I was able to fit in those two small cabinets. Success!

Once the cabinets were installed we moved on to getting our bikes in here. Our bikes have been stored in the front room until now (I know, classy) and we figured it was about time to move them to a proper storage spot. We didn't want to leave them outside because they'd get all fucked up and we certainly don't have enough room to keep them in the garage. I had the idea to have them hang from the ceiling in the laundry room a few months ago, but we wouldn't really know if we had enough room until the cabinets went in

Once we were pretty sure about the placement Chris went into the attic to install some blocking for our bike hooks to go into

Once the blocking was in the bike hooks got installed easy peasy and the bikes went up

Oh, and hello Zoe

We're nearing the finish line in here, which is amazingly exciting. We just have to bring the CDs back in and do some finishing touches. We've held off of working in here for so long and it's nice that it's actually moving along at a great pace. It makes me not as terrified to work on the rest of the room later this year (or most like next year...)


Kathie said...

Seems like 'tis the season to get crack a lacking! My kiddo is finally over whatever bug has been ailing him for the last ten days. After I dropped him off at school this morning I started on the paint stripping of our front windows. Ugh. Glazing compound is NOT my friend.

meryl rose said...

'tis the season is RIGHT! Whenever the weather is so nice it gets me in the mood to be extra productive :)

Chris is pretty handy at re-glazing windows by the way...

Kathie said...

That's actually the post that originally led me to you guys!!

meryl rose said...

Ha! Well thank you for staying :)