Chris' Tool Obsession: Revisiting Channellocks

Channellocks recently came out with a new line of upgraded tools called the e-series and, since they know I'm a huge fan, they sent me two to try out. Yay!

I also bought a pair of the welding tool Channellocks since my last tool obsession post

I've gotten into GMAW (MIG) welding recently and given up on the old arc welder. The Channellocks 360 have provided another welcome addition to my Channellocks lineup. They are good for removing the nozzle, cleaning up the tip, cutting the wire, and other welding specific tasks.

One of the two that was sent to me is the E338 which is an upgrade to the 338.

The major upgrade over the non e-series pliers is the location of the rivet which allows for greater cutting leverage.

With the 338s, though, they also made the handles longer on the e-series version. This allows for not only greater leverage, but also a greater reach inside electrical boxes, for example. As a result, the E338 is now in my electrical toolbox instead of the 338. Honestly, this extra length is probably worth the cost of replacement for people who are obsessed with getting the most out of their tools. And, if you're someone who has several Channellocks like me, you're probably one of those people.

The other plier they sent me from the e-series was the E318. It's basically an elongated needle nose plier.

It has side cutters and a long nose for access to tight locations or holding small items. There aren't many instances where I've needed pliers longer than my needlenose (326), but you never know. If I didn't already have the 3037 then I'd probably get the E318 instead. The 3037 was another addition to my arsenal since my last post on my Channellocks addiction, er obsession. The 3037 has a thinner nose, but no side cutters so it probably is a wash on overall utility for a reasonable person. But, I'm a crazy person who needs the perfect tool for every possible situation.

*And just a side note, although Channellocks did send us the E338 and E318 for free, they in no way influenced my opinion of the tools, all opinions here are my own.

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