Zoe: One Month

This past Saturday Zoe turned one month old, hehehe :) Chris and I are very lucky to have so much extended family that lives so close, so my family hosted a one month party (or as my dad called it, her "Zeroth Birthday") for her so many of our family members could meet her.

Chris' dad was in town from LA, but couldn't make it to her party so he stopped in to visit before we left

Chris' dad was going to the Giants/Dodgers game that afternoon, so I think this was Zoe rooting for the A's :) Chris' uncle, cousin and sister (who were also all going to the game) came by to say hi as well

(we all apparently love staring at babies)

After Chris' family visited we headed up to my dad and step mom's house for the larger shindig. Zoe had 40+ people there to welcome her. There was lots of food, lots of family, and lots of happiness.

Zoe and her great aunt Mat (who had surgery the day before. Amazing lady).

Zoe and her great Grandma Peggy

Zoe and her uncle Adam

Zoe got fussy about 14 seconds after this picture was taken and my brother hilariously asked, "What happens now?" I think this is hilarious because I would have asked the same thing about 6 weeks ago. My how much you have to learn so quick :)

Zoe and her grandpa CBH

Zoe and Grandma

Zoe and auntie Christine

Zoe and her papa Vinny

With her mom and dad :)

And her Nana

Everyone had a really good time (at least I think they did :), and I felt so lucky to have such an amazing family to spend the afternoon with. I really am so lucky that my divorced parents get along, that all of our families mix well and that we all have so much fun together. I can't wait to create the same, loving family environment for Zoe.

And speaking of miss Zoe, she was SO GOOD for the whole party. We were there for over 4 hours and she got fussy 3 times - twice when it was time to eat, and once at the very end. She quietly let out a faint, fussy cry and then politely slept in my arms while we made the rounds and said good-bye to everyone. She was a little bit fussy when we got home, but that night she slept well. I was nervous that she would be overly tired and not sleep well, but she did great. Hooray for Zoe!

That night when we got home I almost forgot to take her one month picture, but I remembered at about 7:30, phew! This one is my favorite

As one of my friends said, she partied too hard :)

And my favorite outtake

My plan is to take a monthly picture up until two years, and then annual ones after that. Always in this chair.

It's crazy to believe she's already (now over) one month old. I love her so much and it's so much fun to watch her grow and develop each and every day. In the last month we've noticed: she is a very serious baby, she likes to make noises, coo, squeal, etc. A LOT, she gets hiccups all the time, she loves to shoot her hands in the air and wave them all around (like she just don't care), she is happy, calm and quiet in the morning and active and awake (and sometimes fussy) in the afternoon and evening, and she still LOVES to be moved around all the time (bouncing on the exercise ball, walking, dancing, she just needs to MOVE). Breastfeeding has continued to go well and we're now running on about 2 weeks of good sleeping. Hooray! She usually wakes up twice, sometimes only once (those nights are AWESOME). She has been doing well going back to sleep after she wakes up to feed and can sometimes put herself to sleep, which is amazing. I continue to wear her for many hours during the day, but we have fun together :) And it has certainly seemed to help her sleep, so there are no complaints here. Plus, I'm sure carrying her around all the time is contributing to shedding some pregnancy pounds, so there's another plus :)

I can't wait to watch her grow more and more. I love you little Zo Zo!


Deb said...

Love it!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness - I wish you lived closer so I could squeeze that baby!!! Makes me think about when my babies were little *sniff sniff* .... She's gorgeous :)

meryl rose said...

Those little chubby cheeks get kissed all the time :)