Framing More of Our Travels

I've been pinning ideas for what I want to put on this wall in the hallway

And because we're putting our map from our baseball travels on the other wall I thought more maps about our travels would be a good idea. I didn't just want your average map though so I looked at other people's map ideas

I like the idea of a piece of map cut out in the form of the object as to why you visited
found here
photos in the map of the places we've been: AWESOME!
found here
could I make my own map?
found here
All these maps had something fun to them. And I loved the idea of including a picture. So one night while watching TV I asked Chris what some of his favorite places we'd visited were. Between the two of us we put together a list of 8 places we loved or were special to us as a couple in some way. I found maps of all of them on the internet and had Chris print them out

Then I went through our photos and got 2-4 from each place.

1. Vermont

I took Chris here for his 30th birthday a few years ago. He loved it. I loved it too. It made him fall in love with wanting a farm and living a slower life.

2. Michigan

We fell in love with Michigan while on our Renovation Roadtrip. It furthered Chris' desire to not want to live in a city anymore. He's still trying to convince me to move there...

3. New Idria

One time we were driving through central CA and we saw this weird spot on the map that was a federal contamination site. On a whim we decided to drive to it at like 10 o'clock at night. Of course we found ourselves on crazy roads telling each other scary stories. We happened upon the town of New Idria which used to be a mercury mining town many decades ago and now it's a ghost town. It was scary to discover at night, but I ended up doing a short documentary on the town for school because we were so mesmerized by it. We drove back to it to take video footage and Chris took still pictures too. It was a fun adventure

4. Yellowstone

We went to Yellowstone while on our baseball roadtrip and I LOVED it. Chris had been there before while on another roadtrip he took while in college, but we had so much fun discovering it together. We saw so many amazing things, learned so much and just loved experiencing it together.

5. Banff and Jasper National Parks

These two parks are Canadian National Parks and they were SO BEAUTIFUL. We also visited them on our baseball roadtrip (like I've said before, we saw A LOT on that trip). I don't think I'll ever seen scenery so beautiful or water in such spectacular colors. And we got to stand on a glacier together.

6. Cuyahoga National Park

Seeing the National Park theme? (we've visited many). Chris was a volunteer national park ranger one winter at CV National Park. One weekend I went out to visit him and he took me on his nature walk and practiced his talk with me as he was developing what he would talk about with visitors. We both remember that walk as a really special moment. There wasn't any great discovery or event that happened, but it was just a fun adventurous moment of support for each other.

7. Fenway Park

Ugh, as an A's fan it's really hard for me to admit that Fenway is my favorite baseball park, but it was the only one that I got goosebumps from when we entered. It was just an absolutely amazing place. I feel lucky to have gotten to see a game there. (Wrigley is a close second)

8. The Grand Circle

Again, more National Parks :) The Grand Circle is a ring of National Parks and other historical sites in the Southwest and they are absolutely gorgeous. We visited several of them when Chris moved me out to Texas from California after we had only been dating for 2 months. It was our first roadtrip adventure together and we had so much fun. It definitely started a great tradition for us together of traveling and especially visiting National Parks (as you can tell from how many are on this list). Both of are so excited to take Zoe to her first National Park (we think camping in Yosemite) and get her a book so that she can put a stamp at every National Park she's been too. Both of us regret never having done that (will we ever visit the Everglades again?)

Now comes the task of taking these maps and photos and making a nice piece of artwork out of each adventure and hanging it on the wall. I'll love looking at all of these places as I walk by and remembering how special and fun it was to visit every one of them together. And of course thinking about where our next adventure will take us :)


Bunny @ 86n It said...

Very cool!

Katy said...

Love those Michigan pics! ;-)

Breanne said...

Been a fan of the blog for a while, but I don't think I have ever commented before... Cool project! Also love the Michigan shout-out. We ARE pretty awesome up here ;)

Jessica Joyce said...

Wow… what a great framing idea you have. I have travelled many places but I couldn’t frame pictures as your ones.

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone! And yes, Breanne, Michigan IS awesome :)

Katy - I love that one of us on the dock, and it was between the other one out your window and one I had of Chris lounging on your couch reading about chickens :)