Laundry Room Phase 1 DONE!

Before we can officially call Phase 1 of the laundry room redo done there were some finishing touches we needed to complete.

We had to make the transition from the office to the laundry room more attractive. So it went from this...

To transition bought, cut down, stained and poly'd and installed

The next thing? That now pretty painted door needed a new knob. You see, all the knobs in the house are glass and this ugly knob just wasn't cutting it

So we bought a glass one and installed it

We also needed deal with the window covering. Before we had just a hanging curtain, but I hated it. It was the second round of fabric in the room and I found it revolting. I was kind of excited to pick out some new fabric and make (what else) a roman shade :) But once the bikes went up my crowded the window

The bottom wheel actually hits the window, so a curtain wasn't happening. We figured out quickly that we should just go with frosted glass

Problem solved. They're still a little streaky so I might go at them again. But it's clean, functional and private. So I've really got no complaints.

And with that, Phase 1 is complete


It really didn't take too long, nor was it too difficult. We were so worried about that floor for some reason, but it turned out great and wasn't hard to install at all.

Having the bikes hung up is a really great way to finally have them out of the way of the rest of the house and actually put in a proper spot

And the cabinets really give a great amount of storage despite their small size

There's even a nice little cubby just big enough to store our step stool

Even though it was more expensive to replace the CD shelves with standards, it's a really nice, clean look

It's all a wonderful improvement to get us from this

To this

Now there's just the rest of the room we have to get to...

Ugh. At least half of it looks nice...


Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

I am insanely jealous of this laundry room. Ohhh how I wish I had one. I think we saw only one house that had the laundry anywhere other than the basement. Upper level laundry is added it to my wish list for the reno on our new house.

meryl rose said...

Thanks! Yeah, if we had a 2 story I would pine for laundry on the second floor. I get annoyed enough carrying it to the bedroom, let alone up and down stairs. I'm lazy... :)

Sarah @ St Paul Haus said...

I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that we will be without a dishwasher until the kitchen is redone. #1stworldproblems