Look at that Beautifully Organized Closet

After we finished off the painting and hanging of standards in the hallway closet, it was time for my favorite part: organizing :)

And because our front room was looking like a complete disaster I was very much looking forward to this step. I tossed in some bins first onto the shelves (where we had planned for them to go) and then hung our coats

After that I moved in extra pillows and blankets and started bringing in the games, some hats and scarves and other small items into the baskets

Already after those small items the front room started looking a lot better (but still like crap)

Finishing things off took a bit longer because I had to find good spots for things and make sure the closet was as space efficient as possible. And after about 90 minutes I was left with this beauty

So much more beautiful than this, right?

Oh the magical storage

So much more efficient and pretty looking :) And the front room is starting to look better (but yes, still like crap)

I love an organized closet :) In all of our green bins we've got technology, power cables, AV cables, misc. computer items, etc. And in the white bins we've got baby items like her carrier, extra swaddle, burp clothes, etc.

On the far side in the baskets and on the shelves above them we've got a lot of random stuff - toilet paper, paper towels, hats, scarves, light bulbs, gift wrapping junk, etc. You know, all the random items that need to be shoved in a closet. But this time they look pretty all organized

Along the top is extra pillows and blankets

And then along the bottom shelf is all of our games (I LOVE me some games) and then on the very bottom on the floor we've got a box of completely random stuff, a step stool (this used to live in my art room, but we use it all around the house so we thought this central location would make more sense) and wrapping paper

I realize having stuff on the floor isn't super glamorous, but hey, it's another place to store things. It might look sloppy to some, but hey, I don't think it looks too bad. And it gets more stuff off the floor in our front room. Now it's just on the floor in here... But it's a closet, right?

Oh well! I'll just look at how pretty it all is

Pretty, pretty, pretty.


Sarah @St. Paul Haus said...

Very pretty! I love it so much. I bet it feels good to have that done. I love these types of projects--they aren't glamorous but they make the rest of your house look better if you have some place to put all the crap.

meryl rose said...

Totally. They're not really bragable, but they are oh so nice to get done.