We Found a Corner Cabinet

We were thinking the corner of the hallway where we ripped down the old hulking cabinet would be a great place for a corner cabinet. We like how open the space feels, but it also feels a little empty. It just needs a little something

We were thinking about building something, but I figured I might try my luck at some salvage yards first to see if they had one at a good price. I called up my favorite salvage yard, Omega, to see if they had one. And it was just my lucky day, one had just come in! And they were so nice and texted me a picture of it too before I headed out there to check it out (which was awesomely nice because in traffic it's about 35 minutes away). I thought it looked pretty good, but it was $75, so I wasn't sure if we should get it or not.

I told them we were interested but couldn't come check it out for a couple days. They said they'd hold onto it for us. So a few days later with 2 cars in tow (annoying, but the carseat is a bitch to take in and out of the car and obviously a large corner cabinet isn't fitting in my tiny car, so Chris followed along in the truck). It looked pretty good when we got there but there were some nicks, the paint job looked like shit and some of the trim along the side was missing. I decided that we shouldn't pay more than $60 for it and when I offered that price to them they took it. Hooray! That's how we ended up with amazingly painted cabinet

Sexy, right? Clearly this baby needed some love. Chris carried it outside and gave it a rough sanding and hosed it off

There were a decent amount of scuffs and things that we knew were not going to make this perfect

But that's what you get when you buy salvage. And that's sort of the charm of it too. Chris did a bit of fixing here and there and gave everything another really good sanding. After he was done it all got a coat of primer

It was looking pretty good

This was of course after a sanding between primer coats. But things were improving. And that's always good. Not as much alligatoring in the paint and the scratches were not showing up as much. After the second primer coat Chris gave it two color coats and brought it inside. But what I didn't even notice was that he had patched the missing trim on the sides. Missing trim? Yes, right here

Chris had used a piece of poplar, routered out the side and look at that match!

And now look at it in place!

Well, not totally in place yet because it still needs to be installed. But Chris did paint the wall color behind and around it already to make it easier to paint the walls once it is installed. And after Chris installs it, the baseboard will need to be patched, primed and painted as well. But hey, this corner quickly went from bare to almost-installed-cabinet. Yay!


Old House Lover said...

My guess would be that the trim was notched out on each side to fit over the baseboards in the room.

meryl rose said...

You make an excellent point

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Looks great!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Nikki!

RTBoyce said...

I remember Ohmega! We got a new medicine cabinet from them, plus a few other things I can't recall, when we lived in Berkeley.
It's so great that you found a corner cabinet for your hall. I think the small dings and wear make this look very persuasively like it was *always* there - sneaky!
Also, I admire both you and Chris for your attention to detail, it's so like both of you to be 1) dissatisfied with the missing lower trim and 2) solve it by cleverly matching an inserted piece. There's way too much quick-and-dirty work done in older houses - it's such a delight to see the quality of work you're doing in your house.

stpaulhaus.com said...

Ummm I love this!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sarah!

Isn't Ohmega the RTB!? I love it! So much great stuff there. And thanks so much for the compliment, that really makes me feel good :) Watching so many shows or blogs turn rooms around so quickly can sometimes be a bit defeating because it takes us a while, but I always remind myself that it's the attention to detail that really means the most :)