Before & After: the Hallway

Screw those doors that still look the same, I loooove our hallway

It's not a big space by any means, but having a bright, happy space makes a huge difference. When we first moved in (and for the next 4+ years) our hallway was super depressing

We used to have a light in the middle of the hallway (that didn't work), and one of the first things we did was install two lights - one at either end. The hallway was so dark with that one light and no natural light, so the two lights made a huge difference. But it was still ugly - cracks on the walls, an ugly closet with gross sliding doors, a huge corner closet and just a lot of room for love. You don't remember the huge corner closet? Oh, here it is

Now that corner looks like this

We lost a lot of storage (but we gained a lot in the center closet and in the laundry room) and having this small corner cabinet instead of that monstrosity makes a really big difference. The corner no longer feels like it's cramping the space, it just looks like it was meant to be that way.

The bowl on the top is from cards I keep that are extra super special :) The next two rows have fun little mementos

The top row has a foul ball Chris got on our baseball roadtrip, a silly Seinfeld coaster (only the best show ever) and a clay toilet I made in a ceramics class (hehe). The second row has a trophy from Chris from high school when he was chosen as the most inspirational. I usually don't keep those things around, but I think that award is pretty awesome :) There's also the film newsletter honoring Chris' grandfather when he died (he was a film historian), a little souvenir license plate my mom got for Zoe :) And a ball I threw out as the first pitch my first season playing little league.

Then there's the next two rows

The top shelf has a VW bug Chris' friend got him when she studied abroad in Ethiopia, and everyone loves John Stewart and Dwight Schrute, right? Though I love Colbert more than John Stewart. Colbert bump! :) The bottom shelf has a photo that used to be on the hutch that I put here because that shelf was too crowded. It's a HILARIOUS candid shot of my high school soccer team. We're all dolled up at winter ball, but someone snapped this as we were getting ready for our photo and we all look like shit. I LOVE this picture. And the ball is from when I hit a triple in a little league game and scored us the only run in the game, thus winning us first place. I still think this shelf needs something tall, but I haven't found the right memento yet.

I'm not one for really accessorizing things, but I like these shelves. All the things on them are things that are meaningful or special.

And what were those other two pieces of artwork we put up?

I loved the floorplan so much I framed it! :) And our bathroom tile has been floating around looking for a home, and this seemed like the perfect place

I love having our giant roadtrip map greet us as soon as we enter the hallway. It looks awesome

And our other travels look great as well

And I LOVE our organized closet. I confess we normally keep it open, but it also looks great closed too

Way better than before, right?

Yeah, not so pretty. But now it is! :)

It's really great having this space completed

A bright, cheerful, efficient space full of great memories and mementos. And it didn't take too long to get done. Hooray!