To Headboard or Not to Headboard. That is the Question

Now that the bed building is underway, it's time to discuss important things: like a headboard. (clearly this is not important at all because I would rather have the mattress not on the floor, but this is a more fun touch). I've always been a pro headboard person, but now I'm actually a bit more on the fence about it. Why? Well, for one thing our current bedroom isn't huge and I'm afraid that with our king platform bed frame reaching about 24" tall that also having a headboard on the wall might really cramp everything

Still, I like headboards and a bed without a headboard just looks unfinished to me. But I just really don't want it to be huge. Naturally, I went to Pinterest. I didn't want anything crazy, I was just deciding between a fabric headboard or a wood one.

Here are the fabric ones I really liked

I love the low profile of these two (and the geometric fabric used)

Fabric Headboard Arrow by TheIndianJetty on Etsy
found here
Fabric headboard
found here
I love the regal-ness of this one
fabric headboard with the frame again
found here
I love the modge podge quality of this one

fabric headboard
found here
Then there were the wood ones I liked.

Now, I would never do the entire wall, but I love the mosaic of this "headboard" and it reminds me of an idea I had for a public arts project several years ago

21 #Wood #headboard design ideas
found here
My original idea was to do a headboard and matching footboard in a parquet pattern and this reminded me of it

Wood headboard
found here
I found the idea of an inlay very intriguing

DIY wood headboard
found here
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. It seems like a cool idea, but I'm afraid I might smack my head on those shelves every time I wake up in the morning

Shelves on wood headboard
found here
I'm not normally a fan of the more weathered look, but I liked the idea of a pattern in the wood that's a different color

wood headboard
found here
Clearly I have really no idea what I want to do - as evidenced by the 9 images I find inspirational that all have nothing to do with each other. Though I do think I'm leaning slightly towards an upholstered one. I think it will be a nice contrast with the wood frame and I've always just liked the idea of a snuggly headboard.

What about you? Wanna give me some advice? Clearly I need it.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I like the first fabric one, but really love the wood "mosaic" one.

meryl rose said...

Those two are currently my faves as well

Heather said...

I spend a ton of time in bed, so I vote for the most comfortable one (upholstered). If I was possibly going to be breast feeding, snuggling a sick kid, or watching movies in bed, I would choose something that isn't uncomfortable to lean against (like that wood block wall, which would also shred your pillow cases). But I suspect you don't spend as much time in bed as I do. :)

Deb said...

I just did one of these for Olivia - we built the platform bed and made an upholstered headboard to go with it (kinda like the tufted one but not tufted). I love it! It was easy peasy and we actually made the upholstered part an insert so I can change it up when she's older - you know when she's not into hearts and zebra print but is instead into skulls, crossbones, goth and heavy metal.

sarah said...

Upholstered. Hands down.

Lisa Mac said...

What about a plexiglass on which you could paint or otherwise apply some pattern? That way it won't take up a lot of visual space that would clutter the wall and you could customize the pattern to be whatever you want and whatever size you want.

Anonymous said...

Hoe can one clean fabric headboards if (when) they get soil from "human" contact?? I have always wondered.

Emily said...

Feeling very "meh" about head boards. Bed first. Head board later.

meryl rose said...

I think I'm leaning towards the upholstered also. Thanks everyone!