We Were in Desperate Need of Weeding

Since Zoe has been born we've done jack shit in the front yard. It's wonderful that our request of the landscaping being low maintenance has worked out because instead of the yard looking like complete shit, it was just looking over grown

Is 3 1/2 months too young to have Zoe help weed?

Our dwarf maple was sprouting everywhere

Our coral bark maple was growing very happily

The shasta daisies were begging for someone to trim all their dead flowers

The purple cone flower? Similarly desperate

But you want to know why we're lucky? Chris' mom came over last weekend and lended her landscaping hand to help get the yard under control. As always, Zoe supervised

After a couple hours of her time the yard looked SO MUCH BETTER

The weeds are under control and things are trimmed properly. Example?



You can actually see the plants now, which is awesome.

The dwarf maple looks like a tree again instead of the weird, springy bush it was starting to look like

I love that the old leaves are bright red, and the new growth ones are green. So pretty.

Things are definitely look a lot more tame (and acceptable)

There are still a couple plants that need to be replaced because they died :( Hello arbor vitae

There's only about 3 things that need to be replaced, which is pretty great considering we planted over 60 plants a year ago. I think that's pretty good. Wanna know what's even better? It's great that with the drip and all the low maintenance plants we put in that we can completely neglect our yard for nearly 4 months in mid-summer and have it only take an afternoon to clean things up

Hooray for good planning! I.e., lazy gardeners :)


Heather said...

Hooray for low-maintenance landscapes!

meryl rose said...

I'm SO HAPPY that the low maintenance worked out. I was afraid that it would look nice in the beginning and then take a lot of work once things had grown in, but it really actually doesn't take much time to keep it look nice. YAY!!!