Apparently I was Blind and Drunk

So there were splotchy marks on the face frames that I fixed pretty well

But then there were other areas that I just stained like shit

Ummm, or just completely forgot about finishing

Idiot over here.

And now that Chris got the surround of the faux drawers on, the little bits of wood filler needed to be touched up as well

There was also the inside of the pocket that the mattress will sit in that needed stain too

So I brought out the stain, again, and touched up, stained the areas I completely forgot about and stained the pocket

Oh maaannnn it was looking pretty. Third time's a charm for staining I guess :)

But once the stain was all done, it was time for the poly. We've had good luck with wipe on poly (and some of you commented that you had as well). And because we'll be jumping in and out of bed every day we wanted to make sure that it was super durable and held up to being used (kicked, ran into, knocked against, hands run over, etc.) every single day. Because of that we elected for several coats of poly.

But first, I lightly sanded everything with this pad

I just barely ran it over the surface of the face frames to knock down any raised grain. I don't think you could even consider it a sanding because I went over it so lightly, it was more of a brushing. Once I was done with that I cleaned everything off with mineral spirits, waited for everything to dry and then got started with the poly.

We want the finished sheen to be satin, but in order for it to be really durable we elected to apply 4 coats of clear gloss poly first

As each layer went on it was looking prettier

And finally, the 5th and final coat went on: Satin

They're all looking sooooo yummy! And now that the face frames are FINALLY done we can get started building the drawers!


Sarah Ugly Duckling House said...

Looks amazing!!

sarah said...


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Dang, and a third Sara here saying it looks amazing! I also used gloss first (on our stairs) and then top coated with satin. Well done!

meryl rose said...

Lol, Sara before you posted your comment I was thinking it would be hilarious if you were the 3rd comment because I would have 3 Sara(h)'s, heheehhe :) I LOVE IT

Thanks you wonderful ladies! Seeing them with the poly on makes me so excited to see how it will all look when it's finished. And I'm glad to know that you used the same combo Sara and your stairs look great.

1914house said...

Helen Keller in the house! Just teasing. It looks great. You guys always do everything so very well. Great example of 110% effort.

meryl rose said...

Lol, it sure looked like I was Helen Keller! :) That extra little bit of effort always pays off. It's really annoying to do sometimes, but it always makes the difference.