Class Action Lawsuit Against Trex

About 2 weeks ago we got an envelope in the mail about a class action lawsuit against Trex

The class action was started because the kind of Trex we have gets black spots on it and has faded really bad. It sucks and it looks ugly. In hindsight Chris and I would ABSOLUTELY not use Trex again and probably go with something like redwood. But we figured it was a lost cause to really do anything about it - unless we wanted to rebuild our deck.

So it was kind of cool to get this in the mail and maybe get something done about it. There were a few requirements. The first was that we include our original receipt for our purchase. And because we're crazy, we had it. Despite the purchase 4 years ago. You see, we keep all of our receipts for any home purchase in these folders (organized by year and month)

And without too much trouble I searched through the folder from 2009 and found our receipt


The other requirements were that we provide proof that we own the residence where the Trex deck is installed and then provide photos documenting the black spots. Oh, we have those

And proof that it's faded as well (the non-faded piece is leftover that we had an has been stored away from sunlight)

Really bad fading, right? Of course natural wood fades too, however Trex advertised that their product didn't do this at all, which was part of the reason we got it.

After I printed out the photos and included all necessary documentation I mailed it off. It'll be until May till they actually decide to go through with the class action and then another number of months before a decision is made, but I figure for 30 minutes of work collecting everything it was worth it to enter and see what happens. We're not happy with the results of the product so it would be cool to get something, and I guess acknowledgment that their product sucks is a little something.

Has anyone else who has used Trex had this problem?


Deb said...

Interesting...we have a deck, used a similar "Trex" type composite deck, but it was less expensive so we opted to use it. We've had no problem. Guess I'm glad we went that route!

Heather said...

I hope you get your $3.77 from the lawsuit! ;)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Yes, that sucks that it looks like that. I hope you get more than 3.77! ha

meryl rose said...

Good job Deb! :) Hope you continue to not have any problems with it.

Hopefully it'll be like $5.17 Heather and Sara :)

sarah said...

I'm interested to hear if people like Azek decking. Its ridiculously expensive but supposed to be nice. I'm not sure I would really like the "feel" of a PVC deck. Ill probably go with cedar or maybe stained PT when we put on our deck.

MaryAnn said...

My parents have a huge deck in Yakima Washington. While they were in AZ for the winter about 5 years ago, we all got together (about 20 of us) and replaced their decking with Trex. It faded and it peeled very badly. They got free Trex replacement product, but had to pay someone about $4k to pull off the old decking and reinstall the new... I would never use it. Good luck with the lawsuit, I hope you get ALL your money back.

meryl rose said...

Oh man that SUCKS! It will be really interesting to see what happens with it. I'm hoping for at least SOMETHING, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath.