Picardy Poll: Should Faux Drawers Have Hardware?

This past weekend we made a bit of progress on the bed. Yay! I've finished staining most of the face frames (I tell you about how I tried and mostly succeeded in fixing the splotchy stain later this week) and Chris got started attaching some of them to the body of the bed. We're guessing that we're at the half way point of the build process. Originally we thought this was going to take us about 6 weeks, but it's been 2 months...and, well, we've got no bed yet. But I blame lots of handyman projects getting in the way (you can't complain about making money).

But ANYWAY, the whole point of this post is to ask your wonderful opinion about a disagreement Chris and I were having. We will leave this as a blind question: we'll tell you what the disagreement was, but not tell you who thought what.

Here we go:

Once the face frames for the bed are finished being stained and attached to the body of the bed, the next step will be building the drawers. Naturally, this means selecting the drawer hardware. So I click, click, clicked through the internet looking for the perfect hardware. Once I had selected my favorites I called in Chris for his opinion (per our self selected decorating rules). After we mutually decided on one (I may have pleaded for one specifically...) we went over how many we needed. We were calculating two different amounts so we went outside to count how many drawers we'll have.

Because of how the bed is constructed we will have 2 faux drawers on either side. See how this bed has no faux drawers?

found here
Our bed will have faux drawers because both of us think that looks a lot better

So! Before we go purchasing our hardware, here is our question for you:

Should faux drawers have hardware?

Poll closes tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7pm. Thank you for your fantastic opinion. Hopefully I win :)


Kim said...

I voted yes, but I think it depends. We have two faux drawers in the kitchen under our cooktop without handles- visually they don't need them, everything looks balanced without (it would have looked balanced either way but since it is the kitchen visitors would always be yanking on them looking for spoons)
So my question is: is it two faux drawers or a big square like you photoshopped? I think if it looks just like the other drawers (Same size and dimensions) it needs hardware, but if its different it visually might not need it. I hope that all made sense.
I say but the extras to look at it both ways and if you don't end up using them on the bed its nice to have extras (future night stands maybe)

meryl rose said...

You make an excellent point that I didn't even think about. And we have the same thing in our kitchen (a faux drawer below the sink that has no hardware on it). In the case of our bed the two faux drawers will be the same size as the drawers next to it and have the same mitered trim around them to make them look exactly like the others.