The Headboard Plan

Of course with bed progress comes more thinking about our headboard. Chris is not a super big fan of headboards, and I was a little unsure if our bed should get a headboard because of the size of it, but I just think a bed without a headboard looks so sad and plain. Headboard planning we go!

After I posted about the headboards that were currently percolating in my brain, I thought and thought and thought about whether I wanted a wood one or an upholstered one. Ultimately while I think a wood one might look awesome, crisp, clean and fresh, it also wouldn't feel very comfortable to me. If I sit up in bed and read or play with Zoe it would be nice to have something soft to lean against, instead of something hard.

Then I started brainstorming about exactly what I wanted in the upholstered headboard. I think tufted headboards look awesome, but I'm always sort of afraid I'll rip off one of the buttons somehow. Especially now with Zoe around with her grabby little hands, button ripping seems entirely possible. So buttons were out.

These two from my first post were still fresh in my mind

Fabric Headboard Arrow by TheIndianJetty on Etsy
found here

Fabric headboard
found here

I like their simplicity, but that there's also a little piece of special to them with the wing and tacks.

The idea of wings really appealed to me. The headboard in the second image has wings that taper from top to bottom, and I thought it might be a really cool idea to flip it around and have them come out further at the top and then get smaller and smaller as it goes down. With small taper it would really frame the bed, but not stick out too much. And on the sides of the two wings I wanted to have upholstery tacks like these

Upholstery Nails
found here

I tried to explain my idea to Chris with these excellent drawings

He was a little confused. I have no idea why. This wasn't clear?

My little stick figures don't depict an accurate rendering of laying on a beautiful bed with an amazing upholstered headboard?

It took a little while to explain my idea to Chris, but once I was able to make sense of it he was on board. Reluctantly. He's still anti-headboard, but he promised to give it a try. Plus, I just asked for about 2 hours of his time to help construct it and I would do the rest, so he found that acceptable.

Then came the fabric hunt. Normally I'm drawn to geometric patterns, but I'm not kidding myself: upholstering a headboard with wings on the side would be really difficult to do with a geometric pattern. It would be super hard to make sure the pattern met correctly in the corners, was pulled evenly, etc. Most of the fabrics I selected were solids, except the last one. Mostly though I was drawn to more soft feeling fabrics like velvet, suede and the like

Doux Cotton Velvet Green Lily
found here

Antique Velvet Sky Blue
found here

Doux Cotton Velvet Smoke
found here

Doux Cotton Velvet Silver Grey
found here

Antique Velvet Grey
found here

Marcovaldo Versailles Chenille Jacquard Sky
found here

We ordered the swatches last weekend, so they should be arriving soon. Once they come we'll have a better idea of what will go with the stain of the bed and what color we like best. Chris' favorite is the last one. I'm personally terrified to try that one, but I do like it. I think the first and second are my favorites, but we shall see when they arrive.


Sarah said...

That last one is quite tasty...

meryl rose said...

I like that last one too, but it does terrify me...