There Will be Refinishing and Staining

Yesterday afternoon I promptly took Heather's advice (that Jessica echoed later) after I posted about what we needed to accomplish to finish the bedroom in the morning: I went out looking for a table, bookcase, something to go under the TV on this wall

I went to two thrift stores and found the perfect one at the second. However, driving my car (a small Ford Fiesta) I knew it was going to be a challenge to load WITH Zoe and her carset in tow. The two fellas who helped me seemed very skeptical about the whole operation. Obviously they were unaware of my supreme packing skills. That baby got loaded in fine, though it was a snug fit with Zoe back there, though she didn't seem too bothered

Nice, right?

And after we got home from thrift store shopping and pumpkin patch visiting...

...there was a wonderful pile of deliveries on our porch. Wanna know what they were? Oh, just all of our drawer fronts for the bed. Only 12 days after we ordered them! How fucking awesome is that!? Both the table and drawer fronts got loaded into the house and I oogled my items.

The table has a great shape. I love the glass top and I love the body and legs of the frame, but I'm not digging the gold

I think I'll be refinishing it and painting it a fun color. Maybe yellow, turquoise?

And the drawer fronts got all unpacked and they look AWESOME


My goal for this weekend will be to get the table refinished and the drawer fronts stained

I'll make them look even MORE gorgeous than they all already are. Happy weekend projects :)


Jessica said...

I like the brass, but then I like brass. :) I think yellow would be a fun accent color in your room. Good luck on your bed finishing!

Heather said...

Brass is very on-trend right now, you know . . .

Emily said...

A) Brass is gross
B) OMG Zoe has HAIR!
C) Adventures in baby food yet?

meryl rose said...

Brass, does seem to be very in at the moment, but it's still not my bag. Baby. :)

Zoe totally has hair now, it's pretty cute :) After she gets a bath it's a little mohawk, it's pretty cute. No adventures in baby food yet, though she is VERY into food whenever we're eating. We've let her taste some things, but not really eating anything just yet. It's pretty hilarious to let her taste stuff though :)

Deb said...

Zoe is So. Serious. About. Pumpkins.

Great score on the table! Can't wait to see what fun color you choose!

meryl rose said...

She IS! She actually had more fun staring at all the kids playing in the bouncy houses, etc. No doubt next year I'll have to strap her down to get a pumpkin pic before she tries to run and play (baby drunken "running")

Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

Turquoise would be really pretty :)

I don't know what to make of the whole brass coming back thing...I do like antique brass but, I'm not sure I could jump on the shiny brass bandwagon. That being said, I have seen a few delicious looking white/black/gold rooms on Pinterest.

meryl rose said...

I'm in the same boat with you - I can get down with antique brass, but shiny is no good for me. Though I do have a black and gold watch, so we're on the same page with the black/white/gold :)