To Get the Bedroom Done

Please excuse my complete lack of productivity lately. Zoe has decided that she hates naps (and sleeping at night) and only takes tiny catnaps lately. That means by the time I get caught up on emails she wakes right back up. Damnit. Those babies

So frustrating. But so damn cute :)

Anyway, back to trying to be productive.

I'm making a statement: it's my goal to get the bedroom done by the end of the year. There. I said it.

Really I think this is entirely possible. With the exception of the bed. We've been really busy lately - Chris had jury duty for 5 days (booooo), we've had a ton of handyman jobs, Chris has a little bit of a cold/sore throat thing, although baseball season is done 2 new jobs jumped on my plate, and Zoe's not sleeping. So the last 2 or so weeks have definitely been lacking in terms of the house productivity department. But I'm hoping to finally jump on things and check some shit off. And it always helps to have a goal :) Here's what needs to get done:

1. Finish the bed. Duh

Things are looking very pretty. But they've stalled at the moment. Maybe this weekend we'll start back at it again.

2. Make the headboard

No productivity there since I talked about the plan, but the fabric samples came on Saturday, which is always exciting. These 3 samples were immediately out

So it was between these two (Chris' favorite on the left, mine on the right)

I really liked the geometric print, but I also knew there was a chance I might get sick of a print, and I really don't like going with chance-y things on items that are more permanent (who wants to re-upholster a headboard 4 years later?) Plus, I was still scared about using a geometric print and making things look straight and even. I love the blue velvet, and even though it doesn't show up in photos, it has some color variation in it when the light hits it, and I really loved that. Luckily, Chris wasn't broken up about going with the blue and said, "Sure," so we're going with that. I was excited to get started on the headboard, but I thought it would be better to work on when more of the bed is done so I can get a better idea of the scale.

3. That painting...Remember when I posted that something needed to go on this wall

I really liked the idea of a pixel painting and wanted to do a tryptic, but eventually thought a diptych would work better on the wall. I finally came up with a plan, it's a little like this

pixel gradient
found here
I'm excited to get it done and hang it on the wall. That wall is so lonely.

4. Jewelry storage. A long time ago I made a cool wire frame to hang my earrings on

I always had the intention of making storage for my headbands and necklaces

But that hasn't happened at all. And they're all still sitting in their bin

I'm thinking of making necklace storage like this

Necklace Organizer / Accessories Rack in by AuntDedesBasement, $32.00
found here
And headband storage like this

Hair Bow, Clip and Headband Organizer Board
found here
Eventually I'd like the earring, necklace and headband organizers to be on this wall

Right now the earrings are sitting on top of my dresser

Come to think about it, once there isn't anything on the dresser, maybe something should go on that wall...

5. And lastly, should something go here?

Obviously there's a dresser there now, but once the bed gets made we're hoping to eliminate this dresser. There will be very little space here with the bed built and in place, but I wonder if just having a TV float on the wall looks weird? Chris says we shouldn't have anything there, and I agree mostly, I'm just afraid it's going to look strange.

Alright, there you have it: all the things that need to get done to call this room FINISHED by the end of the year. Hopefully I stick to the plan!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

4 months right? That's when it all went to shit with Mina too. ;(

I love your A's earrings!
I'd do the pattern headboard, but that's just me. But I guess you already have the fabric closet curtains...

Love the painting idea!

Heather said...

I think the tv will looks strange by itself. I would put something long and shallow like a 2x4 ikea expedit bookcase and keep it really uncluttered. Maybe a table lamp, a plant or two, and some books to anchor that wall. Otherwise it looks like a hospital room (to me).

meryl rose said...

Totally to shit at 4 months. Damnit. Yeah, I like the pattern too, I'm just so afraid I'm going to get sick of it.

Heather - I promptly went out and took your advice. Only I didn't get an expedit, I went to a local salvage place and bought a table. Without telling Chris of the idea at all :) He wasn't TOO annoyed :) But I think it will look fabulous

Jessica said...

I would definitely put a bookcase or a credenza under the TV. Like Heather said, an unanchored TV feels very industrial to me, like a hospital or waiting room.

meryl rose said...

Did it! :)

Cheryl said...

I think the patterned fabric and the pattern that the light casts on the walls & ceiling are similar enough that it would make me twitch after a while so I love your choice (blue is my favorite color).

And I agree with Heather & Jessica about the wall mount TV so can't wait to see what you do with the new table. I'd probably go with a medium to dark metallic gray.

meryl rose said...

I'm on the same page with you Cheryl - I like pattern, but I do think it would be too much. And the idea of dark metallic gray sounds very enticing.