Trying to Touch up the Spotty Stain

When we last left the face frames the stain was a little splotchy

It wasn't terrible, but it needed some help. After talking with Chris we decided that the best course of action would be for me to go over the light and splotchy areas with a really light second coat of stain. We didn't want the wood to end up terribly dark so we thought a light coat would be enough to cover things in an attempt to even them out, while also not making all the face frames twice as dark.

That's just what I did. I went out one morning about a week ago and applied a bit more stain

It didn't fix everything, but it made things look a lot better.



It's still strangely lighter in the center on this piece, but it does look a little better.

The other splotchy parts are looking better as well

The second plan of attack if that didn't fix things enough was to lightly go over things with mineral spirits. We should have know this wouldn't work because Zar is a really great quality stain. This is precisely how much stain the mineral spirits took off after I wiped EVERYTHING down

Yeaaahhh, not so much. What are you gonna do though. After staining round 2 and an attempted mineral spirit wipe down this is how things were looking

Once the face frames were done I moved on to the small pieces that will make up the frame around our faux drawers

They got preconditioned

And stained

And then attached to the body of the bed (along with the face frames)

But when Chris was attaching the face frames to the bed he noticed that I didn't stain the edges with my normal precision

That means it's time for me to touch up more stain. If only I wasn't drunk the first time. Damnit...


Sarah@ St. Paul Haus said...

Cannot wait to see it completed. Its going to make such a big difference in the feel of your bedroom. I seriously love the color.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm SUPER excited for this to be built. 1) I'm very tired of crawling out of bed and onto the floor and 2) I think it's going to be fucking awesome :)