We Could have Built, but we Ordered

With the decision made on the hardware for the bed drawers, the next step is obviously to build the actual drawers. The drawers will also need fronts. When we build the hutch in our TV room we purchased the custom drawer and door fronts from Rockler because we weren't confident with our skills to build them as nice as Rockler would with all the yummy trim

We're super comfortable using the router on the edges, but building a door with a routered inside panel like this seemed a little too advanced for us. So when it came to the hutch it was an easy decision to special order (we stained these and built everything else).

For the drawer fronts on our bed we had intended to build and router them ourselves. But not that the bed has been taking us a little longer than we thought (handyman jobs and day jobs impeding progress) ordering them didn't seem like too bad of an idea. We wanted these to be simple and just have routered outside edges (no inside panel), just like the drawer fronts on our hutch

However, because of the size of the drawers (about 2 feet wide), we would need to use two pieces of cherry and attach them to create one drawer front. We'll have 11 fronts (2 faux, 9 operable drawers), so this would require A LOT of work to make everything appear seamless enough for stain. It would be easier if we were painting because it wouldn't matter if glue got on the surface of the drawer front because we would just be painting over it. But because we're staining, the fronts need to be flawless to not make it look all, well, fucked up.

These were all the things we told ourselves so that we didn't feel bad paying for someone else to do work that we're more than capable to do ourselves. As renovators and DIYers, I always feel really guilty paying for someone to do work we can, but sometimes giving in is needed - for the sake of time and sanity.

So Saturday morning while Zoe was happily playing at my dad and step mom's house Chris and I measured everything out to order the fronts

This of course never goes quite according to plan and resulted in us doing the measurements 3 times

Fuck measure twice cut once. It should be measure over and over and over again (and you'll still always get different numbers), cut once (and still be nervous that you measured wrong).

But we were finally confident enough to place the order

Once the order was placed I surfed around for a coupon (any coupon for a $400+ order is much appreciated). I found one for 10% which knocked off $43.61. When all was said and done (taxes and shipping) our 11 fronts cost $447.42. That's a tough pill to swallow when we estimated that building them ourselves would cost about $200 (just material needed because we have a router table and router bits), but we'll most likely be getting these in the mail in about 3-4 weeks and frankly, if we built them ourselves it probably would have taken us a couple months. Twice the price for half the time. And 1/10th the headache I'm sure. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


Kathie said...

Come visit us in Chicago. I know where the Rockler store is located in Schaumburg. :D

Anonymous said...

Next time try Scherr's. There stuff is high quality, made in Minot, ND, and they have a contractor pricing sheet. Since Chris is a contractor, he'd qualify. I used their stuff and they're a class outfit. I had a door crack and they replaced it no questions asked. Use the google to find them.

meryl rose said...

Ohhhh, we might have to take you up on that if we head over that way again Kathie! :)

Thanks Anon, we'll definitely have to check them out next time we need fronts. Thanks for the tip! :)

Kathie said...

We have a tiny house. But we have a tiny camping trailer that goes with our tiny house that I call our guest suite. It's all yours anytime you guys want. And I have a connection for White Sox tixs. :D

Sarah said...

I have been looking into ordering doors and draw fronts from Scherr's myself. Those fronts look amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on some samples.