Zoe Can Finally Wear Those Onesies

Remember that first onesie I made?

And then I just couldn't help myself and I made a bunch more?

You'll probably also remember that we never made them fasten on the bottom and in fact fucked up the only one we tried to


Well, because I used a 6-9 month onesie as the template, and Zoe now wears that onesie, I figured it was about time to make them fasten so that she can wear them before she outgrows them. Genius over here.

Me and the snaps just weren't jiving so I decided to just go with velcro that we already had on hand

Chris and I never snap the middle snap on Zoe's onesies, so I thought using 2 pieces of velcro like only using the two snaps would be sufficient enough. I cut the velcro into small pieces

They're adhesive on the back side, so I pressed it onto the shirt

Then I set the opposite side against it

And then folded the shirt up against it and pressed down

And presto! A brand new onesie!

Then I just repeated the process for the rest of them

The Obama one is a lost cause though because we fastened the snap backwards and those rivets have a fucking death grip on the fabric

Oh well.

Ready for a Zoe fashion show?

Social statement Zoe

World Peace Zoe (the graphic is earth being held up by a little kid)

Self-promotion Zoe (or, actually, parent promotion as she's wearing a onesie with our handyman biz name on the front and contact info on the back, bahahahahaha)

Rapper Zoe (a shirt from a show by the same artist who is featured on the CD of Zoe's mobile)

And Local Love Zoe

Here's her breakdancing pose

It's nice to actually be able to use these onesies, especially now that she fits in them already.

Happy Friday!


Aunt_B said...

I love how serious she looks during her fashion show! Your onsies came out great; I just wish my Zoe was little enough again to wear some.

I'm enjoying reading your blog, I love your house!!

Deb said...


Jessica said...

Cute! Maybe you can make the Obama onesie into a T-shirt.

meryl rose said...

Thanks! And that is a GREAT idea Jessica! :)