DIY Headband Holder

I have finished the painting for our bedroom, hooray! But I haven't hung it on the wall yet - and that's really the most exciting part - so hopefully I get that hung today so I have it to share tomorrow. I did however make my headband holder, which is another task that needs to be completed to call the bedroom done.

I had pinned some headband holders a little while back

Headbands holder
found here

Hair Accessory Organizing Board
found here
There are also other ones, like this

headband holder (oatmeal container + painted candle stick)
found here

But I really wanted to make one that hung on the wall. I really liked the one with the ribbons, so I set about making it (with a couple modifications).

I gathered my materials

A frame from Michael's, fabric, batting and 2 kinds of ribbons.

I wanted to make loops with the white ribbon that the headbands would hang from. So I took out my headbands and figured out the right spacing

Once I was sure of the spacing I cut out a piece of fabric (leftover from our front room chairs)

I could have just sewn the looped ribbon onto the background fabric, but I wanted to use a second ribbon as a sort of "track" and then sew the loops onto that one. Just to jazz it up a bit.

After the loops were sewn on I used the glue gun to attach the ribbons to the background fabric

While I was waiting for that to dry I cut out a couple of rectangles of batting that I would wrap the fabric around

Then I wrapped and stapled

I was careful not to cut the batting so big that it needed to be wrapped around because I wanted it to still fit in the frame, but it still didn't, booo :( It popped out too much

I haven't figured out how I'm going to get it to sit in the frame and stay in place (it's not too big, it's just the puffiness makes it pop out), but I have to say it's looking fabulous

And it's very functional and easy to use

I made the loops big enough so it's really easy to just slide the headbands right in. There's two in each loop now, but there is definitely enough room to put one or two more in each loop if I felt like getting more. And if you had more headbands it's simple enough to just make bigger loops.

I would like to say project complete on this one, but I can't quite do that yet because a) I have to figure out how to get it in that damn frame and b) it needs to go up on the wall with my earring holder and my necklace holder. Project almost done!


G said...

I love it! Maybe cut into the portion of the batting on the front/fabric side of the board so that the frame sits flush against it around the edge? Like a routed edge in reverse....?

meryl rose said...

Ohhhh, good idea. Thanks!