The Little Food Monster

When Zoe was doing this while I was making food for myself...

don't worry, she's buckled in

...we figured it was time to get her started on food. So last night we fed her rice cereal for the first time. And, well, there was really no doubt in my mind, but she loved it

At times it was a little difficult to feed her because she was so fucking excited about it

"Gimme that food!"

"You're taking too long dad!"

"Oh my god, food is so good!"

"Aaaaaand I'm a mess."

If you know anything about me and my family's love of food (love really doesn't even describe how much we enjoy food), it should really come as no surprise that Zoe wanted food so bad and had so much fun eating it. It was a hilarious mess. And so much fun. She also slept really well last night and only woke up once. Hooray!

We'll try the rice cereal for a little bit, then move on to avocado and banana I think. Got any food suggestions your little ones loved?


Bunny @ 86n It said...


Both my girls loved and still love to eat. It is so fun.

Are you making your own food?

meryl rose said...

Thanks! :) Right now I think we're going to stick with simple things, but I do have a book on making baby purees and other baby food, so we're definitely going the make your own route. It's so fun! :)

Heather said...

My brother used to strip his girls down to a diaper to eat, they were so messy. She's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

We skipped rice cereal because of this. http://consumerreports.org/cro/arsenicinfood.htm

and went straight to baby led weaning. Seemed easier than purees. She loves it and eats everything. A 6 month old eating steak is pretty entertaining (and impressive).

meryl rose said...

We may be doing that too Heather. It's amazing what a mess they are :)

Anon - yes, I should revise that we actually aren't feeding her rice cereal, but organic oatmeal based cereal (just habit to say "rice cereal" because it's so common). I had heard the same thing so didn't want to use rice cereal.

Kathie said...

Quinn was a huge fan (and still is at 3.5) of the Plum Organics pouches. They've got all sorts of great combos and even basics for early eaters like Zoe. And even better, if you can find them on sale for 50 cents to a dollar a pouch it's awesome. And they're extra super duper portable...just unscrew the top and hand it to the kid and they just suck away. Love them! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

She is SO CUTE!

MaryAnn said...

I can appreciate the love of food!
But be careful. I'm not sure if it's true but once you give a kid a food then stop, they can develop allergies then have an allergic reaction next time they eat it. My sister gave rice once then months later, next time she had rice, we almost lost her.... My niece is her older kid, and maybe she was jumping the gun a bit by giving it to her too soon, I don't know. Anyway, ask, your Doc.

LOVE the pics on Friday, look forward to them. Cute kiddo!

Bungalow13 said...

Ah! So fun! My lil lady is 6 months (May 24th b-day) and I have a 3.5 year old. Anyways, I basically go to TJs and buy a bunch a of fresh and frozen veggies to steam and freeze in ice cube trays. Some of her current favs are sweet potatoes, butternut squash and canned pumpkin. I also tried mixing with some cream of coconut and she was in heaven! Along the baby led weaning route, my lil luvs to suck on pear and apple slices, green beans and roasted zucchini sticks. She also likes dried mango, apples and bananas from TJs.
Check out wholesomebabyfood.com -they have awesome ideas.
Also, ikea sells awesome smock type bibs for winter that you can rinse and dry in sink between meals and the rubber tommee tippee bibs (at Target and Babies R Us) are amazing. SO Fun! Enjoy!

meryl rose said...

Thank you SO MUCH for all the food suggestions! It's definitely an adventure and there's a bit of a learning curve, so I am super appreciative of all the pointers!

And MaryAnn, thank you so much for the heads up. Right now we're really just introducing one food at a time, and I think we'll keep it in the rotation once we introduce another one, that way she continues to get used to it. Chris and I were a little hesitant to start her eating before the 6 month mark, but our doctor actually advised us to because she wasn't sleeping as well at night and she's so big. So far it's going really well.